Taken from life. My children burden me with grandchildren every weekend. I prefer to plan my own time

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I'm 55. I have three adult children.

Real life. My children burden me with grandchildren every weekend. I prefer to plan my own time

Elder graduated from college, got a job and got married right away. For me – early, but that's his business. A year later I became a grandmother.

Because of my son, I can't plan anything, he keeps coming and dropping off his baby!

Mom, take your grandson for the weekend! We're young, we want to go to the party! – he presses every week.

Of course I understand everything… But am I really that old that I don't want to go for a walk or visit my friends? I also want to meet my friends in the evening, drink coffee, sign up for yoga, take care of my health. Why do I have to look after my grandchildren all the time?

The middle son said last week:
– Mom, Ania and I will have a daughter, it's already the fifth month! Soon you will stop being bored and take care of your granddaughter!

Excuse me, but who said I'm bored because I'm old? It absolutely suits me to be able to plan my day without taking into account someone else's schedule. I want to live for myself. Now I don't know what to do. I'll be damned if my daughter also says she's expecting a baby and I'll have a lot to do as a happy but bored old grandma!

These aren't my kids, I wasn't there conception!

How do I tell my kids I want to be alone. Without grandchildren and their constant demands for attention? Why does everyone think that grandmothers always and uncritically want to take care of other people's children? Why the idea that we feel the need to make a constant contribution to their upbringing?

Nonsense! Grandmas want to live for themselves and drink coffee with friends in the evening. We want to plan trips without calculating whether the date will suit children who consider it obvious to explain it to them! We have the right to privacy and to expect an announcement of our visit with a whole pack of children!

We have the right to be alone in our own four walls and we don't want to pretend we're not there when we hear the doorbell ring!

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