Taken from life. My daughter-in-law is terrible. My son always wears socks with holes in them. How can that be

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Daughter-in-law can't even darn her husband's socks!

Real life. My daughter-in-law is terrible. My son always wears socks with holes. How can this be

Inga recently asked her son to help her with the computer . She pressed something and everything went small. I see nothing. He tried to explain it to her over the phone, but it's hard for a sixty-year-old woman to understand. So she asked him to come and check and fix it himself.

The son arrived, took off his shoes and entered the room in torn socks. It was a shock to the woman. How did it happen that his wife did not make sure that he did not wear socks with holes in them.

Olek has been living with Irena for a long time, they are raising a child. He is working and she is on maternity leave. The child is no longer breastfed, but the daughter-in-law is only interested in him. Does housework superficially, quickly.

Mother-in-law can't bear to see her son. Neglected as a bachelor

He skips a lot, like ironing. Inga is a well-groomed lady and this is a real drama for her. He doesn't understand how you can not iron anything. And the girl does not see the difference between unironed and ironed sheets.

In the end, cleanliness is the most valuable thing. After such statements, the mother-in-law gave a wonderful ironing machine for the next birthday. It is still unpackaged and collecting dust. The girl has no time for nonsense.

Instead of tidying up the house and taking care of her appearance, Irena is on Instagram. He publishes some posts, collects likes, attracts subscribers. This greatly upsets her mother-in-law. It would be better if the girl took care of her husband. He walks around dressed like a poor relative. Clothes are ill-fitting, crumpled, stained, or have holes in them. And she dresses like that not only to the store or to the bosom of nature. In this form, he goes to work, meets with friends.

The son seems to be trying to explain to his mother that it's so fashionable that everyone wears it. There is no specific dress code at work, so you can wear what is comfortable. However, my mother thinks these are just excuses. She wears whatever she considers clean. In her eyes, he looks terrible as a bachelor. She doesn't even want to remember about the socks with holes… Her son looked like a homeless person!

The woman tried to talk to her daughter-in-law about it. She just spread her hands. They say that there is no obligation to run after a grown man. He is able to assess the degree of wear of socks, repair them or buy new ones. Why should his wife look after him like a little girl?

Inga was indignant to the bottom of her soul. She knew perfectly well that men don't care about such trifles at all. It is a woman's responsibility to ensure that her husband wears clean, whole, ironed clothes.

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