Taken from life. My daughter-in-law praises my preserves all the time. Once I found out about their fate. I didn't think she did that to them

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I really love the cottage, the garden, the vegetable garden. I treat with love and gratitude all the fruits that the earth gives me.

Real life. My daughter-in-law praises my preserves all the time. One time I found out about their fate. I didn't think that she treats them like this

I sow a lot! Then I close a lot in jars and freeze. Compotes, jams, preserves, cucumbers, tomatoes, salads… I have a special chest freezer. I freeze a lot of vegetables: I grind zucchini for pancakes, I make portions for soups.

Our three children have been living with their families for a long time. When they come to visit, of course I fill their cars with food. First of all, my daughter-in-law Iga, Jarek's wife, praises my preparations.

I didn't expect to find out the truth about the fate of my preserves!

– Olga, such a good person! Everything is different, everything is delicious, you can eat every day and not get bored. How are you doing?

I'm successful because I love it. I have a lot of recipes, really, I try to do everything differently so as not to get bored of eating the same thing over the winter. I even freeze fries for my grandchildren! It is much cheaper without chemicals bought in the store.

Somehow we arrived for our grandson's birthday. There were many children at the party. Animators cooperated with them, and a separate table was prepared for us adults. Among other dishes, I noticed some of my delicacies: salads, cucumbers, tomatoes. They came out with a bang, which of course made me happy. And suddenly one of the girls says: Olga, I love your cucumbers so much! I try not to buy from the store, we only eat yours.

I didn't understand at first. I thought they visited often. Then another confirmed: Yes, your preparations help us in winter! Do not be afraid to give them to children. My relatives like pickles very much, but in the store, did you see how many additives?

I looked at Iga and met her uncertain gaze. That evening I received a lot of praise for my preserves, I thanked everyone, I smiled, and in the morning I asked my daughter-in-law straight – do you give away preserves from me?

Of course not all of them – Iga nodded. – Only a few. They're so wonderful!

I'm making them for my family, not strangers, I protested.
But there are so many! Ira tried to protest. We don't even have time to eat it all. So I'll give you less! I replied.

I left in a bad mood. I did not understand my daughter-in-law's behavior. Why give away if you can keep it? And if in a year I feel bad and I won't be able to close so many jars? What will she do? Will she go to the store? I can't get over the fact that she gave away my hard work just like that, without batting an eyelid!

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