Taken from life. My father and stepmother gave me hell as a child. On their 18th birthday, they demanded their mother's apartment

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When I was 10, my father got married for the second time.

Real life. My father and stepmother gave me hell when I was a kid. On my 18th birthday they demanded my mother's apartment

The stepmother quickly became pregnant and gave birth to a son. I became a free nanny, cook and cleaner all in one.

In the family, they only called me “Hey, you”. I was endlessly wearing clothes that were too small for me, and they were buying new toys for my brother every other day. When he grew up, my personal space was taken away and I was moved to the hall and my brother was given my room.

My childhood was a nightmare. I have nothing to be grateful for except for one thing…

I guess the only thing I'm thankful for my father is that he immediately stopped all my stepmother's attempts to lay hands on me. Meanwhile, no one forbade psychological humiliation. Every day I was told that I was terrible, no one would ever want me, that I was stupid, would not get an education and would work as a cleaner.

My stepmother told me every day that in this house I was only tolerated until the age of eighteen, and on my 18th birthday he will throw me out into the street.

I spent the whole summer with my grandma. She also considered me a ”black sheep” their family. She cursed the day her son married my mother and was glad her mother was gone. I've always wondered why they didn't just send me to some special children's institution like an orphanage.

Six months before my 18th birthday, I overheard my father talking to my stepmother and everything became clear to me. My stepmother said I would never agree and my father assured her that he would persuade me to hand over the flat to him and she had no reason to worry.

However, he was wrong. The stepmother had reason to be concerned. I was no longer offended by their picking on me and how my brother teased me. If before I was afraid of my adulthood, now I was looking forward to it. For my birthday, everyone who was interested gathered: father and stepmother, grandmother and stepmother's parents.

After my first tea and cake in eight years, I was told to get ready. My question is where? Grandma replied:

“You've become quite an adult today. From now on, you are responsible for your own actions. Also today is the day you thank your family for everything they have done for you. Now you and your dad will go to the notary and give him your apartment. You inherited it from your mother, but it wasn't meant to be. She promised to write a will for my son and left you an apartment. However, now you will do your duty, get ready.

Their faces were so serious that I could hardly stop laughing.

– Yes, grandma. I will thank my family for everything they have done for me. As a thank you, I won't put them out today, but I'll give you a week to move out of my apartment.

Oh, what a start. Regrets for ingratitude rained down on me, my stepmother lamented that she had raised a viper on her own breast, and my father slapped me in the face. The stepmother's parents began to say that they warned her about the ingratitude of other people's children.

They moved out. They moved to live with their grandmother. A few days later my father arrived. He gave me a piece of paper, said that if I don't give up the apartment, I have to pay off the debt and left.

I unfolded the piece of paper with a list of expenses they incurred on me and a summary for the entire period. As soon as I started making good money, I wiped their noses by paying everything off in a week. That's what my upbringing was worth…

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