Taken from life. My father-in-law annoys me. He is in our apartment all the time, doing nothing but eating

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My father-in-law started abusing my hospitality!

Real life. My father-in-law annoys me. He's in our apartment all the time, doing nothing but eating

I don't know why this is, but I have witnessed many times that family turmoil very often arises from misunderstandings on the part of the husband: either the parents on the male side cannot find a common language with the bride on the side, or the groom's mother cannot compromise neither with the mother of the bride nor with the bride herself.

I found myself in a completely similar situation, only my husband's father became an obstacle. It all seemed like a trifle at first, but if you understand in more detail, plain text can reveal an invasion of privacy and outright arrogance.

He used to come into our apartment while we were away!

Since the wedding, we have moved into an apartment where my husband Igor has been living for over 7 years. They did a great job renewing everything clean and tidy. We are adults, we both work, so we plan our lives based on common interests.

As you understand, living and being together consists of small things – in particular, buying groceries, preparing lunches and breakfasts: this happens individually for each person in the house. I don't mind communicating with and visiting my parents, but when it becomes a routine you start to be wary.

The fact is that Igor's father works in the region, but lives on the other side of the city. He takes one city bus to the city center and another takes him almost to his place of work. We live, so to speak, in the place of his transfer. So it turns out that he came to us a few times for coffee and “when needed”, and then this habit became completely normal, because the father-in-law has the keys to our apartment.

Not so long ago I caught him in the evening: I usually get home at 8:00 p.m., and he has a working day until 6:30 p.m. I got home to find him in the kitchen enjoying a crab salad and Bolognese sauce that I had prepared for dinner with my husband the day before.

I walked into the kitchen and was immediately showered with praise:
“Oh, you cook so well and your fridge is always full of food – it's a joy to come to you!”

After that, I was silent, although it was very annoying, but in the evening I decided to call Igor's mother and ask her to give my husband some food for work, otherwise his hungry desires will always lead him to our house, and this is starting to get a little annoying.

Her reaction more than surprised me:
“What should I do with him? Talk to him alone, he's not asking me anything!”

I felt offended and upset: it turns out that they just started “squeezing me like a lemon”: I go to the store, cook and show hospitality – but what for. After all, I only married my husband, not his father, who loves to eat. I decided to act independently and hard.

The next time my father-in-law came in to eat, he couldn't get into our house because I had changed the locks on the apartment and even put my husband in front of the fact. Igor's father this morning had the audacity to call:
“Something happened to the lock, is your door okay?”

I explained that the door was okay, only locks have been replaced. Igor's father did not hesitate to announce that he would come to pick up new keys in the evening. I was just at a loss for words from the impudence and decided to tell him to his face (turned out to be easier over the phone), explaining that he was the reason for the change of locks.

W in total, after 3 days, this news spread to my husband's relatives and they presented it in such a light that Igor's wife does not respect his parents. I didn't even try to explain and deny it. Fortunately, my husband has completely taken my side and I don't need any more!

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