Taken from life. My father's will was a trauma for me. He left everything to his second wife. He sold the house and bought her an apartment

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Karina was just torn with anger!

Real life. Father's will traumatized me. He left everything to his second wife. He sold the house and bought her an apartment

Her father sold the house and bought his new woman an apartment. The girl's mother died a few years ago. Karina's parents have lived together for thirty years, they have two children and already have grandchildren. And so the mother left this world.

Father started drinking… The children lived separately, each had their own family. Father was left alone in the big house. After the appearance of a new woman, things began to improve for him. He found a job, started taking care of the house more. Wanda was his classmate, then moved to another city. She was married and had children. However, one day her husband was beaten and died.

One argument was enough for her father to make a decision…

Then the woman tried to arrange her personal life. Her children grew up and started their own families. She visited her mother in her hometown. In the store, she met Karina's father, they began to talk. Once they fell in love, things happened quickly.

They decided to live together. They led a quiet life, Wanda took care of the whole house, Karina's father and everything that surrounded her. However, the woman's family idyll came to an end when her beloved suddenly died in his sleep. According to the will he wrote down after the last quarrel with the children, everything after his death was to pass to Wanda, with which none of the deceased's relatives wanted to agree.

Karina turned white with anger when it turned out that his second wife will inherit his father's house. She and her siblings wanted to challenge the veracity of her father's will, but at the very end of the document, her father wrote – To my children! I know you'll be trying to mess with the validity of my will, so I'm giving you my fair warning that I've already arranged everything legally. All my property now belongs to Wanda!

As you can see, the relatives of the deceased could do nothing, but the hole in their hearts remained alive. They did not want to share with a strange woman, but she was the one who took care of him and everything that belonged to him, even when she herself was not feeling well…

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