Taken from life. My husband doesn't eat reheated food. Everything has to be cooked just before serving

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My husband won't touch yesterday's meals. My mother-in-law did me a disservice!

Real life. My husband doesn't eat reheated food. Everything has to be cooked just before serving

Even if I cook something in the morning, it won't be ready in the afternoon he wanted to eat it because it needs to be reheated. He has been taught that heated food is useless. He only eats when I'm cooking and serving right away.

Husband won't touch a heated meal. That's why we don't visit any family

Because of this, I have to spend whole days and nights in the kitchen. I can't cook for a few days. Thank God he takes plain sandwiches to work – though he doesn't see a problem with that.

I have to get up very early to cook him breakfast and come up with a lunch for work. A meal that doesn't need to be reheated. In the evening after work I rush straight to the kitchen to have time to cook dinner before my husband comes home from work. And so every day. Even on weekends I can't relax and take a break from the garów.

If I had stayed at home, there would have been no problems, but I am working! I'm physically tired, so it's hard for me to live in such a rush. No translation reaches the spouse – you see, everything was arranged by his mother. She didn't serve yesterday's food… Is it okay for my husband to compare me to her?

The difference between me and my mother-in-law is that she never worked professionally, so she devoted her whole life only to her family and being a housewife. Yes, and it's my fault, you should have set your own rules in the beginning and not indulge your husband.

I already have nightmares with pots in the background. I'm so tired of cooking and pleasing my husband in everything that I can't even find the words. Apparently, cooking is my calling. What will happen when we have a baby? I don't even want to think about it. I have already sacrificed so much of my life to make my husband feel comfortable.

I'm thinking about divorce because it makes me feel completely cut off from my loved ones. Since I've been with him, I haven't sat down to the Christmas table with my parents once. It was close once, but when this asshole saw my mom take blanched dumplings out of the fridge instead of raw, he said he wasn't going to eat them. He also commented on borscht and cabbage with mushrooms! To this day, I am terribly ashamed that I took him from there instead of sending him home to stay with his parents…

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