Taken from life. My husband has been cheating on me for many years. When I got to the hospital, he brought his mistress home. I decided to act

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He took this woman to our house when I was in the hospital and he wasn't even shy in front of the neighbors.

Real life. My husband has been cheating on me for many years. When I was hospitalized, he brought his mistress home. I decided to act

I thought for a long time how to take revenge on him and finally made up my mind. I pitched the idea to my husband to buy a house and transfer the property to my mother. Such a plan suited my relatives perfectly, and he supported it with incredible enthusiasm. We had to add equally. Also, the spouse decided to take a consumer loan from the bank to get an apartment in the new building.

My revenge, coldly planned, tasted delicious

In the meantime, I filed for divorce. When notifications came, I just threw them away. Three times my hubby failed to appear in court and we were safely divorced. Now I was free, but my ex-husband knew nothing about it.

Soon he started looking for an apartment for “us”. In fact, he called his mistress many times and announced that he was looking for a love nest for her and for himself. And he often called me stupid in conversation who would pay off half of her loan after a divorce.

Hearing that, I realized I was doing everything right. I began to actively choose an apartment for myself. As soon as I found the right option, I immediately agreed to my husband's first proposal. He was just beaming with happiness. The next day, I put my cunning plan into action.

We kept all the money in a big shoe box. I had to take them in such a way that my husband wouldn't suspect me of it. My mother had to help me with this. She called and asked me to come over for a few days because her heart was starting to ache. I got ready and, to the great joy of my husband, I went to my mother.

Already from the threshold he started calling his mistress, I waited until late at night, changed into other clothes, put on a wig and went to do “business”. I quietly opened the door with my key. Husband slept peacefully with his mistress in our bed after making love.

I sneaked into the kitchen and unceremoniously scooped up all the money. Then I quickly put the box back in its place and left without leaving a trace.

A few days later I came back. The husband was depressed. He said they robbed us. And his mistress, with whom he had a relationship, did it. He cannot file a complaint with the police because she is the mother of his young child.

I pretended to be very angry with him, packed my things and went back to my mother. In the meantime, my parent was already getting me an apartment. A week later, my husband came to me with a huge bouquet of roses.

He swore that we would still buy a flat, and now we have to activate all our strength to close his loan. I said then that I had no intention of helping him in any way. Let his mistress do it.

My husband has changed. He started yelling at me, said he was going to file for divorce and I would die paying off half of his loan. I just laughed and brought him a divorce certificate dated a few months earlier. The husband was unconscious with anger.

He was left alone with nothing. The mistress could not forgive accusations of theft, she no longer intends to live with him. I may have been cruel, but he paid in full for all the years of deceit and betrayal I've lived in.

Now I'm the happy owner of a new apartment where no one is fussing. I believe that I will meet a worthy man and not such a traitor.

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