Taken from life. My husband said I should lose weight. Forbids me to eat what I want

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David warned his wife that she would live on bread and water until she lost weight.

Real life. My husband told me to lose weight. He forbids me to eat what I want

– I wonder if it's normal that you terrorize your wife like this, watch her diet? – I asked a question to a friend who, in front of his friends, threatened his breastfeeding wife that he would force her to live on bread and water until she lost the weight she gained during pregnancy.

– Lidka she lost weight beautifully after her first pregnancy because I watched what she ate. However, she was 25 then, and now she is 39, so it will be more difficult – said Dawid, pointing to his wife sitting at the table. – Dude, but she is nursing, she needs to eat properly for her and your son's sake – I started to explain to him, as a friend and gynecologist.

– Okay, don't bother me. I have to watch her, because she has already eaten a portion of salad with mayonnaise and I can see her glancing at the chops – Dawid brushed me off and in one motion he reached out and took the plate and cutlery from his wife.

Husband who doesn't like fat people made his wife very angry

Lidka does not complain about her husband. He thinks he's great. They lived together for 14 years, they are raising a teenage son, David goes to work, fully supports his wife, does not refuse to help at home, raises his son. He just doesn't like fat people.

This time, however, the measure was overdone, and Lidka's angelic patience disappeared like steam. As soon as she felt her husband take her plate and cutlery with a jerk, she rose gracefully from the chair, stood over her husband, who was still holding his “trophy” in his hands.

When he tried to get up, she held She took it with one hand, took the dishes with the other as if she were ripping a bone out of the dog's mouth, then went back to her seat and helped herself to a hefty portion of … diet mousse made of lentils, chia seeds, and chlorella – it looked awful, but tasted pretty good.< /p>

– Do that again and I'll sit on you – Lidka threatened her husband, who knew very well what to do to safely get rid of excess kilograms. Everyone in the room burst out laughing, which made David laugh to tears.

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