Taken from life. My husband tells his mother everything. That's why mother-in-law meddles in our lives

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My husband tells my mother details about our personal life. Because of all this, the mother-in-law is interfering in our family affairs!

Real life. My husband tells his mother everything. That's why my mother-in-law meddles in our lives

“So what, there's nothing I can do. She is my mother!” The wedding groom tells his mother all the details of our mother's private life. Well, of course, that's when my mother-in-law starts interfering with our family.

Actually, she comes to our house and starts moralizing me and advising me how to do everything right. So he thinks that he can protect us from problems and quarrels. Yes, but it really annoys me when an outsider knows the details of our family life.

This has been the case since the very beginning of our family life

For the first time we argued about where to rest better. Initially, I suggested that we go to my parents, and then we can go to the seaside for a week. However, no, my husband told me that he sees my parents all the time and would like to spend more time at the seaside. So we had a fight about it, and the next day his mother came to visit us and started lecturing me.

She told me that we didn't have to argue about such nonsense, that I should give way to my husband so that our married life would finally be consensual and unanimous. In the evening I started talking to my husband and asked why he was telling his mother about our affairs and disputes.

– What's wrong with that? – he indignant – She is my mother and she should know it. He's worried about us! – he stopped the discussion.

However, I myself know how to build a family life. After that, the husband seemed to say nothing to the mother. So we lived normally for five, six months. Then we started thinking about a minor renovation in the apartment.

Without it, I couldn't do the renovation in my apartment!

My husband and I lived in my apartment, which I inherited, but renovations were necessary. We were going to take out a mortgage for a bigger apartment, but due to some problems we put the idea aside. Then we started thinking about redecorating my apartment. Unfortunately, my husband was of a different opinion, as he considered the idea a waste of funds. He said that if we are thinking about renting this apartment, replacing the wallpaper or renovating the plumbing is pointless.

This also became a cause of argument, because I wanted to live in normal conditions, and my husband was reluctant and has been running since the renovation started. Then my mother-in-law reappeared. She supported her son's opinion that there was no point in wasting money, it was better to put aside for your own apartment, and so on. Husband complained to mother again!

Cóz, it's okay! We argued with him again, but at least later he agreed to renovate my apartment. Then the mother-in-law reappeared. She began to advise and tried to decide for us what to change, what wallpaper to choose. She came up with the assumption that we couldn't manage without her!

“This is my mother. She must know about our lives!”

Mother-in-law knows literally every detail of our lives. My mother doesn't know as much as my mother-in-law knows. He even knows about my cycle! When we argue, she says she doesn't mind my words and emotions, after I've been like this for my period!

Husband still tells his mother everything and he doesn't see anything wrong with it… I already have the impression that my spouse's mother simply lives with us. If I want to keep anything secret from my mother-in-law, I can't talk about it with my husband…

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