Taken from life. My husband thinks I'm doing nothing. I watch TV all the time and I don't even clean. After a few days, he changed his mind

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Mom always told me that you don't need to clean the house while your husband is away!

Real life. My husband thinks I don't do anything. I watch TV all the time and don't even clean. After a few days, he changed his mind

He'll finally come home, everything will be cleaned up and he will think that's how it always is, then he will definitely not believe your stories about how much you've done and how tired you are. You had to take her word for it, and I made fun of her.

Did Mom go through the same thing at home?

My husband tells me that he comes home later than I do, he is more tired than I am, and when he comes home I am sitting in front of the TV. Just let him tell me who made the order, Cinderella maybe? To my objections that I was cleaning for hours and was tormented like a dog, he just laughed and said we had nothing to clean in the house.

I announced to him at the time that I would no longer clean if he thought there was nothing to do here. On the third day it was impossible to go to the toilet. The sofa resembled a mini wardrobe. There was no room in the sink for the dirty dishes, which already smelled.

Another week goes by. You can write your name on the floor with your finger, that's how it stands smoky. The husband is silent for now, but you can see on his face that he is literally shocked by such a mess. However, rules are above all else, he said I do nothing.

He came in the evening and couldn't hold back anymore. He approached me quietly, as if he was afraid that I would pounce on him like a dog with reproaches and evidence. I was silent, so he quietly said: “Listen, Ela, why don't we clean up together?” in the toilet and throw cigarette butts on the floor!

What do you think about this method of teaching a lesson to messy people who think everything cleans up by itself?

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