Taken from life. My mother and mother-in-law persuaded me to have a child and promised to help. Now I'm alone with everything

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Staś and I got married when he was still in college.

Real life. Mother and mother-in-law persuaded me to have a child and promised to help. Now I'm alone with everything

At the same time, he worked a little, but there was not enough money. At first, we lived with my mother-in-law. It wasn't an easy time. She is a woman with a strong character, she has her own views and principles. It was difficult for me to adapt to her vision of living together.

There were no loud fights, but there were teasing statements on her part. Over time, when Staś and I started earning more, we moved to a rented apartment. Life seemed to be getting better. We couldn't afford to go out, but we had enough money for essentials, bills and food.

If I had known, I would have thought much more deeply

Our mothers began to repeat like a mantra at that time that it was time for a baby. They both promised to help. They described in great detail how everything could be arranged. They said they would cover half the cost and would take turns sitting with the baby on weekends, saying they were even willing to sacrifice their job if need be.

Honestly, I wanted a baby, but it was a little scary. I understood that it was a great responsibility. However, I was convinced. And soon after, I got pregnant. For the entire nine months, the grandmothers were delighted, cared for me, looked after me in every way, made big plans.

During this period, they bought the baby a cot, a stroller and lots of clothes. I was spectacularly taken from the maternity hospital. My mother-in-law and my mother even took a leave of absence from work. They went to help with the child for a week, and then … they became alienated from him. Now the baby is six months old. My husband and I are in a difficult financial and physical situation.

He was forced to take a second job to support us. We hardly see each other. I look after the child alone. My mother and mother-in-law do not visit us at all and do not help us in any way.

They find all sorts of excuses not to sit with the child. I feel betrayed. It's not just tiredness, I have health problems, I need an examination, but I have no one to leave my child with.

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