Taken from life. My mother extorted money from me. She asked for a transfer because she did not have enough money for treatment. All because of my brother

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A few years ago, my mother told me that she had health problems, she spent a lot of money on treatment, and I helped her.

Real life. My mother extorted money from me. She asked for a transfer because she missed treatment. All because of my brother

It turned out, however, that she has never had any health problems. And she gave that money to my brother and his family.

My mom always loved my brother more and spoiled him, all because she thought he resented her for growing up without a father. Yes, my brother's feelings were exactly the same as mine.

He didn't remember his father. Our father died when my brother was just born. Of course, it was very painful for me. Mom always told everyone that she got me and my brother back on their feet, but really grandparents always helped her. When my brother grew up, my grandmother gave us her three-room apartment. I note that the grandmothers loved us as much as my brother.

My mother extorted money from me!

But my mother always treated my brother much better than me because he did not he has a father… Then I moved to another city and rarely visited my mother and brother. During this time, my brother became even more spoiled and spoiled than before.

Then I tried to take more part-time jobs to make money. After graduation, I was offered to move to work in another city, which I agreed to. So I still live here. I have my own family, a husband and I am planning a child. The last time I saw my mother was after the wedding. We didn't see each other after that. Too Far… and when I arrive, he always talks about my little brother!

Some time ago, my mother called me and cried into the phone that she was very sick. She said that she had already spent all her money on treatment. She asked for a transfer for medicines and basic needs. I agreed and made a transfer for PLN 2,000.

Shortly afterwards, I took the opportunity and, being on a business trip in the city where my mother and brother live, I decided to visit my ailing mother. I didn't warn her not to start cleaning the house and cooking when she was sick. I thought that I would cook something for my mother for a few days, bring some products and strengthening drugs … However, when I rang the doorbell, a healthy, smiling woman who showed no signs of illness opened the door.

As she later admitted, she must have lied to me or I wouldn't have sent the money to my brother. It turned out that this smelly lazy guy was in debt up to his armpits and wanted to scratch his mother's last zloty she didn't have. So she decided to extort money from me to give this freeloader! I will never help them again…

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