Taken from life. My mother-in-law never accepted me as a daughter-in-law. Her behavior ruined her relationship with her son

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The mother-in-law could never come to terms with her son's choice.

Real life. My mother-in-law never accepted me as a daughter-in-law. Her behavior destroyed the relationship with her son

Because of this, my relationship with I cannot call this woman successful. My husband Michał and I started a family seven years ago. We live separately from our parents, we pay off the loan for the apartment, we raise our daughter Zosia, who will soon turn five.

My mother helped us all this time. She has a work schedule that allows her to combine work with helping me with the baby. So we try to always have someone with our daughter.

Until the very end, my mother-in-law wanted my husband to throw me out of the house

No wonder, Zosia loves her grandmother very much. The daughter is happy to be in her company when my husband and I have to go somewhere. Each time I am calm about my mother and daughter.

Our relationship with my mother-in-law is completely different. She still hasn't forgiven her son for his unwavering desire to start a family with me. The mother-in-law even found another woman for Michał.

When he found out about his mother's plans, he took me by the hand and led me to the Registry Office. My mother-in-law ran after us for a long time, shouting at Michał to leave me immediately, but he was adamant.

We didn't even have a wedding. My mother-in-law refused to come, so we got married without guests and then moved in with my mother. Later, we took out a loan for an apartment and we are still paying it back.

Over time, my mother-in-law resigned to the fact that her son got married, but she could not swallow the fact that I became his wife. I decided never to visit her again after she ostentatiously treated me like crap when we paid her a visit one time.

After I gave birth to our daughter, my mother-in-law came to see her. Her next visit took place when Zosia was one year old. Grandma's next visits were less and less frequent, until finally they could be called sporadic.

When one day my mother-in-law came to visit us again, my daughter asked her husband who this lady in hall. The mother-in-law, hearing this, immediately became indignant and made a fuss. She said it was my fault that her granddaughter stopped knowing her. She added that she would come more often if her son got rid of me from the house.

Hearing this, her husband did not let his mother into the apartment, opened the exit door and led his mother out to the stairwell with a gesture of his hand. Since then, the mother-in-law has not shown up with us…

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