Taken from life. My mother-in-law said she hated me. One day I saw her in tears

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“I hate you!” – shouted mother-in-law to daughter-in-law, but one day she appeared on her doorstep in tears

Real life. My mother-in-law said she hated me. One day I saw her in tears

When Grażyna met this handsome man, everyone told her that she should watch out for him, that he was a lady and had a strange family. Recently, she moved into the building where Olek also lived. They started seeing each other because they liked each other.

When the mother found out that her son was dating a neighbor, a terrible row broke out. The woman insulted Grażyna with various words. She screamed that if Olek marries this lady, she will die. The son reassured his mother and then forbade her to come to his apartment.

Three months later, the couple got married. The mother-in-law found out about it only after a few weeks. She ran, quarreled and declared that she no longer had a son. The young people lived peacefully, but 12 years later Olek died in his sleep of a heart attack. The mother came to say goodbye to her son, but did not even speak to her daughter-in-law. Grażyna never saw her again.

Losing a loved one is not easy, but losing a spouse is hard to grieve. Grażyna was no longer happy with anything in her life. A year later, the woman heard rumors about the fate of her mother-in-law. The woman was very sick, her legs refused to work, and her assistants were only social workers. Grażyna remembered when Olek's mother was hospitalized, he took great care of her… Not every son is capable of this.

She decided that, in honor of her husband's memory, she would help the unfortunate old woman. She came to the same house on the outskirts of town. In a small room, a slender grandmother lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. She saw Grażyna and tears came to her eyes. The old woman cried and begged for forgiveness.

– If you leave me, I won't blame you. I deserve… – whispered the mother-in-law.

They talked for a long time about a man who was very dear to them. Grażyna praised Aleksander – she had never had such wonderful, harmonious relations in her life.

The daughter-in-law took her mother-in-law and stayed with her until the very end. The woman never got tired of thanking Grażyna for everything she had done for her. An old woman found her last refuge on a warm summer day, near the burial place of her beloved son.

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