Taken from life. My mother-in-law told me to leave immediately. She got bored with my company

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I have loved traveling since childhood. I traveled a lot abroad, but mostly close to home.

Real life. My mother-in-law told me to leave immediately. She got bored of my company

After graduating from college, my desire to travel diminished a bit. There were no problems with money, but sometimes I just wanted to spend it not on trips, but on decorating the house, on a car. Over time, I got bored of this rhythm of life and, waving my hand at everything, I decided to buy a ticket to the seaside. I got my passport, booked a good hotel, bought plane tickets.

And here I am on my long-awaited journey. In the first days I decided not to lie on the beach, so as not to get burned immediately, but to visit the monuments. I speak English at an understandable level, so I had no problems getting around the city or communicating with the staff. A few days later I showed up on the beach.

I went abroad to meet my future husband who lives next door!

The sea, the sun, the warm sand magically adjusted my mood. At first I just tried to read, but the sun made me sick. Putting down my umbrella and pulling my hat over my eyes, I decided to take a nap. Someone's cough woke me up. Squinting against the sun, I tried to see who disturbed my sleep.

In front of me was a man with ice cream in his hands. He offered me a sweet and cold dessert. At first I wanted to say no, but then I thought why not. I was going to buy it. The man sat next to me and we started a dialogue. It turned out that we live in the same city, a few blocks from each other. I realized that this is destiny.

The holidays passed quickly. The man left a few days before me and I believed him that he would contact me when I got home. Upon arrival, I found him quickly. Our relationship developed rapidly. Two months after we met, he suddenly proposed to me. I couldn't say no.

Married life wasn't perfect. Like everyone else, we too had our ups and downs. Suddenly we had a misfortune. The husband became seriously ill and died immediately. I had to prepare for the funeral. It was hard for me to come to terms with the loss of my husband. I loved him very much. I used to wake up next to him, now I go to bed and wake up alone.

Two years have passed in stagnation. During this time, relations with the mother-in-law completely deteriorated. She blamed me for not giving her a grandson and not getting my own house. He can no longer live with me under the same roof. He can help with money, but he won't see me on his property.

So I packed my things, hailed a taxi and went to my rented apartment. I had enough money because my husband left something and I earn something. So I know that everything will be fine soon.

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