Taken from life. My mother wanted to visit us. She demanded that we finance her trip

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All because we were not looking for money so that mom would come to her grandson with wishes.

Real life. My mother wanted to visit us. She demanded that we finance her trip

As a result, we are to blame and we are selfish, which does not depend on others. This was told to us by my mother, who decided everything herself, began to pester us about it, and in the end we refused her. My mother lives in another country, so she has to fly by plane, with several changes.

My mother wanted to visit us, but she didn't think about an important matter…

We see each other once a year, but even that doesn't always work out. The whole problem is money. After all, my family consists of four people, and leaving such a large number of people is expensive. At the same time, we also have a mortgage for an apartment, which we try to pay off as soon as possible. And so far we're giving all the money to the fees. My husband and my mother do not have a very good relationship, she always twists her son-in-law's words and is constantly offended by him.

In the first months of our relationship, my husband still somehow tried to calm down the conflicts with his mother, but only when he saw that nothing changed, he decided that it was easier to say his own thing, stick to his decision and not pay attention to his mother-in-law's insults. Even though I have a normal relationship with my mother, I still hear about my family and my children.

During all these years of living with my mother, I've gotten used to her behavior, the more so that each year her character becomes more and more difficult. It has now been three years since we have not seen our mother. All because there was an epidemic and quarantine right away, and then we didn't have enough money to leave.

We have two children and had to save a lot to pay off the mortgage. Therefore, we did not even think about going somewhere. My mother knew about the money problems and that we didn't come to see her, she wasn't particularly upset.

However, in recent months she started telling us more and more often that she didn't like that we didn't come to her, because children and grandchildren go to all her friends, only she sits at home alone. A few weeks ago she told us that she was planning to visit us.

She planned that we would pay for her to come to us, which would actually be cheaper than our coming to her place. Unfortunately we can't afford to pay for mum's travel right now, which she no longer wanted to understand. Of course, she was offended again and called us heartless pennies.

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