Taken from life. “My parents have decided that my brother will receive the entire inheritance. I have to take care of them. This outraged me.”

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I was the youngest child in the family.

Real life.

There are eight years between me and my brother. My parents always loved him more than me. – Our son is our heir! You will look after us in old age. Girls are obliged to take care of their parents. Andrzej will take care of his business, and you will be with us – my parents told me.

When I was still a small child, I did not notice a major problem. But as I got older, I started to understand. At school, my parents praised my brother for his A's, and my A's were taken for granted.

All girls should study for A's!

So Andrzej went to college, which cost a lot of money, and our dad's health, and then his life. Wanting to pay for his son's education, he worked two jobs… – At least he managed to pay for his son's education! – said mother after dad's death.

Then Andrzej had problems with work, he worked for a few months and then he was forced to leave. – Someone just cleaned up my son's workplace! – Said mother.

I found myself unemployed after school, no one helped me finish my studies. At that time, Andrew got married. Mom was in seventh heaven with happiness.

His family lived in our apartment, I had to live in the kitchen. I want my daughter-in-law to love me.

Then my father's mother died, but before she left, she registered the apartment in my brother's name. He is the main heir! However, Andrzej did not move into this apartment. – You and I will live in a rented apartment. They will have children – my mother once told me, pointing to a joint photo of Andrzej and me. – They will have children, they will need an apartment, but for now they will live here.

After graduating from college, I got married. And she began to live with her husband in a rented apartment. At that time, my brother's son was already growing up. And when Andrzej's wife was on maternity leave, my mother constantly tried to extort money from me for Andrzej.

However, the fact that our salary was spent on rent and food did not interest my mother. She said that I have to help my brother and sister-in-law and that's it. Because of all this, my sister-in-law got so used to other people's money that she stopped caring about going to work.

– You don't have to sponsor them for the rest of your life. We can't help them anymore. We'd better save up for our own apartment, my husband finally told me, and I was relieved to agree with him and that's how I presented the situation to my mother.

My mother did not speak to me for several years, she was offended. We managed to buy a flat on a mortgage. We have a daughter. One day my brother called me and said:

– Mother broke her hip. You are her daughter – take care of your mother. You are on maternity leave, my Oleńka will not do it.

I decided to take my mother to my place. At home, she told us that she had signed our apartment to Andrzej. – Well, he is the heir. He said he wouldn't leave us without a roof over our heads!

A few months later, my mother wanted to go back to her apartment, but as it turned out, she had nowhere to go.

I sold this flat! It was mine! said the brother. With this money they bought a car. And a fur coat for Olenka… Something broke in me that day.

Mom, you're coming back to your apartment. To Ola and Andrzej. You won't live with me anymore. You gave him an apartment, so you will suffer the consequences. I will not be your free babysitter…