Taken from life. My relationship with my son ended suddenly. Until now, I don't know the reasons

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Son stopped talking to me…

Real life. My relationship with my son ended suddenly. Until now I don't know the reasons

I have only adult son. He's thirty and I'm 61. This is my child from my first marriage. He already has his own family. Married for seven years, but only a year ago they were able to give me a granddaughter. We live next door to each other, so we see each other often.

Until recently, I had a good relationship with my son. However, suddenly, around the time our granddaughter was born, our relationship with our son deteriorated. We basically stopped talking to each other. I feel that the reason for such changes is reluctance, but I do not understand where it came from. No matter how hard I try to find out, I can't get anything out of him. I also talked to my daughter-in-law – to no avail.

Who one day just left without a word

From childhood, my son had health problems. He was cold all the time. There were many other problems, but nevertheless our relationship was always friendly. I was educated myself. My second husband is a soft person, he lacks masculine severity. Yes, and he didn't try too hard to raise his stepson because he didn't consider him his father.

I had to solve all the problems for my two parents. We went through “bad company” and the threat of addiction to illegal substances. There were many things. I often had to be very strict. That's why it's hard to call me the perfect mother, but I tried.

Our relationship was strained when I asked for help with the computer. It's not the first time I'm asking for help. I'm not good with technology. But apparently I asked too much because my son just got up and left with his wife. They didn't even take potato pancakes prepared for later.

From that moment we stopped talking. He no longer reports on his trips abroad. I can communicate with my granddaughter only through my daughter-in-law. I try to find out from her about the reasons for her son's behavior and she always says that we have to work it out between ourselves.

I try to contact him, call, write, everything unsuccessfully. I thought maybe if I didn't bother him, he'd start to worry. In the meantime, he moved even further away. It is very disappointing that the son completely disregards his mother and does not explain the reasons for his behavior. What should I do to improve my relationship with my son?

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