Taken from life. Our daughter insisted on marrying her first love. We advised her against getting married, but she wouldn't listen

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Lena has been taller than her peers all her life.

Real life. Our daughter insisted on marrying her first love. We advised her against getting married, but she wouldn't listen

At the same time, she is swarthy, brown-eyed, with a long braid, very pretty. There was no end to the guys who courted her, but she paid no attention to them. When she went to college, she met Arek, who neither me nor my husband liked. He was self-confident, treated everyone condescendingly and believed that only he was always right.

We started to advise Lence against marrying this man, we talked, explained, suggested that they just meet and move in, not necessarily at the Registry Office right away. We gave them Grandma's apartment, although our daughter had lived with us before.

Lena's nightmare soon came to light. I decided to intervene

My daughters, however, could not be convinced, so they got married and started living together in our apartment, which was left by my grandmother.

Almost immediately, Lena became pregnant. She barely finished her studies, she defended her diploma on the eve of giving birth. During pregnancy, she gained weight, as is often the case. After half a year, there was no trace of the pregnancy overweight, and I even noticed that Lena had become unhealthily thin.

I already assumed that she was sick, I was afraid for her and started asking questions. As a consequence, she admitted that her husband beat her, reproached her for being overweight, and allegedly was ashamed to show her to people. So she went on a diet, which caused her to lose breast milk. She looked like seven misfortunes, and I was furious with my son-in-law for what he was doing to my child.

When Lena started working out at the gym, the son-in-law found another excuse to torment her. This time he wasn't happy that Lena wasn't serving him the dishes he wanted at the moment. It didn't matter that despite exercising (for him), taking care of the home, work and child, he had a fresh dish for lunch every day, each time different. My child was exhausted and without strength.

I decided that I would do everything to free her from this toxic relationship. When she came to us again with a black eye, my husband and I said enough was enough. We drove to Grandma's apartment, packed his things, and gave him half an hour over the phone to pick them up. He was furious, he threatened to sue, but he did little to help because he was too lazy to check family law properly. Lena is with us now, and she rents her grandmother's apartment to a handsome electrician who shows more and more often that he is interested in making our daughter happy.

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