Taken from life. Our mother-in-law nearly starved us to death. She ate literally everything in the fridge. I will never let her into my house again

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I got along with my mother-in-law without any problems. When the request came six months ago, I sensed no danger in it.

Full life. Mother-in-law almost starved us. She ate literally everything in the fridge. I will never let her into the house again

The mother-in-law decided to start renovation in the apartment, because many of the elements already required repair or complete replacement.

For almost six months, instead of a few weeks, the mother-in-law has been emptying our fridge. He just eats my food, even though he knows that the doctor has forbidden me to eat other things. At the same time, he eats what I prepare for the family in bulk.

Unfortunately, this is a huge problem for me, because I suffer from a disease that requires me to rest, eat properly, get enough rest and regeneration, and with my mother-in-law's behavior, I have the impression that she does all this on purpose to emphasize how I am a wretched wife and daughter-in-law. Not only can I not keep an eye on the contents of the fridge, I also get sick and I have to organize everything so that I don't get worse.

Mother-in-law exaggerated so much that my husband couldn't stand it

I tried to talk to my husband, but he brushes me off. He doesn't care and thinks that preparing more food will solve the problem. Meanwhile, his mother manages to devour any amount of food. I had to go to a restaurant near my house. I told the waitress about my problem. Yes, she quickly solved my eating problems, but this help turned out to be extremely expensive…

I brought the meals home, put mine in the “back” of the fridge, covered it with celery, and put the meals for my husband, children and mother-in-law in the front. I called everyone into the kitchen for a family meeting and said, “This is food for all of us, and if you can't read the labels on the boxes, someone will be full and someone will be hungry,” I announced, showing the name tags attached to each box.

Husband took a breath to say something but I cut him off seeing the familiar look on my face – don't even try to question what you just heard if your mother can't help it you'll go hungry so watch that barrel without if you want to eat!

An hour later, the fridge was empty again, as if that stupid woman hadn't heard anything. The husband opened the fridge, saw only celery and got mad. He looked through the empty boxes thrown into the sink, grabbed his mother's arm, showed her the empty fridge, led her to her room and told her to pack her things – go back to your place or go to the hotel – he said, adding firmly that he expects money for the last meals, which she ate all by herself.

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