Taken from life. Strangers told me they wanted to move into our apartment. “You will find others for yourself, you can afford it”

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Strangers once told me that they wanted to move into our apartment and we would find another because we were better off than them.

Real life. Strangers told me that they want to move into our apartment. "You will find another apartment for yourself, afford you on it

My aunt is a very active woman. He is constantly traveling somewhere, leaving somewhere. He still prepares in advance and chooses where he will go. She spent her holidays in various ways: in the mountains, then in a sanatorium, then to the seaside. In my youth, there were never any problems with traveling. Therefore, my aunt had a huge choice of where to go. In each of her trips, she made new friends, with some of whom she is still friends and communicates.

This friendship turned out to be disastrous!

In one sanatorium, she met a woman named Natalia. She spent the entire summer with her, and then they broke up. Five months passed, they brought us a letter which said: “I am arriving early in the morning. Wait!” There was no indication of who the letter was from, so we thought it was a mistake and went to sleep. Then at 4am the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was the same Natalia with the children and the man.< /p>

I was in shock then, and the woman entered the apartment and started taking off her shoes. – “Why didn't you pick us up? I sent you a letter too” – the woman told me. My aunt hesitated then, but it was clear from her look that she also did not expect to see Natalia. – “I gave you the address to correspond, not to come!” – said my aunt to her friend. – “And I told you right away that I would come to visit you!” – Natalia answered her.

As it turned out later, they did not come to visit, but her eldest daughter went to college, and they wanted to live with the whole family. They immediately announced that they would live with their aunt at home, because the girl did not want to go to the dormitory. However, the fact that we are complete strangers did not bother Natalia at all.

We fed them several times a day. At the party, of course, they did not cook. After a few days, my aunt panicked and told them to stay in a hotel. Then they started a fight that we are so bad that we throw them out on the street. By the way, I managed to get rid of them even though they demanded the food bags back. At the same time, they also managed to steal a frying pan, I still can't find it!

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