Taken from life. Suddenly I thought my wife was cheating on me. One day I decided to check it out. The truth was terrible

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Somehow I noticed that my wife was acting strangely.

Real life. Suddenly I thought my wife was cheating on me. One day I decided to check it out. The truth was terrible

She began to back away and quickly ran to the room. She treated me coldly and kept my distance. She came home late from work, explaining everything that it was the end of the year and she had a lot of urgent matters.

It was strange and made me vigilant

This behavior has become very alarming to me. So I decided to follow her. I pretended to go about my business, discreetly listening to every phone call she made. I heard her laughing, joking with some man and calling him Andrzej. I immediately entered the room and my wife ended the call as if nothing had happened. I asked who she was talking to, to which she replied that she was talking to her mother.

However, I am sure the conversation was definitely not with her mother. She never laughed like that around her, especially since I heard the man's name right.

I kept silent because I didn't catch my wife in the act. I didn't even let on that I suspected her of cheating. Let him continue to think that I know nothing and hear nothing.

Later, I noticed my wife being driven to the house. When asked who it was, she replied that it was the boss. Nevertheless, I certainly know his car. I had to pretend that I believed her.

Once my wife came home intoxicated, barely able to stand on her feet. She smelled like men's perfume. In the morning she said it was a friend's birthday so they celebrated in a restaurant. I was silent again.

On the eve of her birthday, my wife warned me that she wanted to celebrate this day with her colleagues from work in the countryside.

– I'm sorry, but if you're bored, you can go to your friends for a beer in the evening. We celebrate all holidays only with our employees. You see…

I didn't reply to that any more. And that day has come. I stubbornly decided to finally prove to her that she was unfaithful to me.

I called all my relatives and informed them that this time I planned to celebrate my wife's birthday in a cottage in the country. – Let's throw her a surprise party – I added.

We all got in my car and drove to the place. Even from a distance, I noticed only a dim light in the house. I opened the door and we all entered. Then I turned on the light – my wife's relatives definitely did not expect such a view. My wife was lying in bed in a man's arms.

So I exposed my wife's infidelity, making the whole family catch her red-handed. Now he won't be able to deny and lie anymore…

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