Taken from life. The cat approached the pregnant belly of its owner and hugged it. After birth, the baby took over the tradition of the cat

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This situation proves that animals have surprising abilities.

Real life. The cat would come to its owner's pregnant belly and hug it. After birth, the child took over the cat's tradition

According to the “e-Child” portal, although the scientist has not yet been able to prove it, many people have no doubt that animals have an extraordinary instinct that allows them to sense unborn children. One of the pregnant women decided to record the unusual behavior of a cat that often approached her pregnant belly. It is impossible to pass by this recording indifferently.

Cat and pregnant belly

One of the pregnant owners of the cat decided to share the recording, which shows the caring behavior of the quadruped towards the baby developing in her belly. The kitten used to cuddle up to the pregnant belly of the woman, as if in this way he was establishing a connection with the baby that was yet to be born.

As the woman stressed, her pet had never scratched her or showed a lack of tenderness towards her and her pregnant belly. It turns out that the delicacy of the cat also transferred to the baby when he finally appeared in the world.

https://www.tiktok.com/@maximbernatchez1/video/6994250827896605957[ /embed]

The video shown by the proud mother proves that the cat is exceptionally understanding towards the new family member. Without protests, he agrees to not necessarily gentle stroking or pulling his ears.

Internet users delighted

The recording was full of comments in which Internet users expressed their delight at what they saw. Many emphasized that there is no doubt that the baby and the cat will forever remain the best of friends.

“It's a beautiful story. I cried” – wrote one of the commenters. “They're both so cute,” someone else added.

Real life. The cat would approach the pregnant belly of its owner and hug it . After birth, the baby took over the tradition of the cat

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