Taken from life. The cops got a call. “Could you help me? I'm very hungry,” the 87-year-old woman pleaded

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Have you noticed that the more our world develops and improves, the less time is left for what is most important – kindness and positivity?

Real life. The police received a call.

People's good deeds become strange. If this continues, we will soon simply not be able to trust each other and count on even basic support.

Most often, people treat law enforcement officers negatively, and sometimes even with hatred. Meanwhile, in reality, the job of a police officer is very difficult, both physically and morally.

It was an average day. The police officers Antonio and Joseph went on their shift to the department of the Florence Police Headquarters and had no idea that they would soon become famous throughout the country and even beyond. The ward was quiet that day and there were virtually no challenges.

That phone call changed their worldview for good

Towards noon, there was a rather strange cry for help. It would seem that what can surprise seasoned policemen? However, the call was actually unheard of and even a bit of an embarrassment to the police at first.

The voice on the other end said, “Hello, I know I may have come to the wrong address, but I just don't know where else to call. Could you help me? I'm very hungry and haven't eaten in days” – overheard by the police over the phone.

They were both surprised by the request. For them, this challenge has become one of the most harrowing in their many years of service. However, a policeman's job is to help anyone who needs it.

After 10 minutes, the men arrived at the indicated address and knocked on the door. From the outside, the front door was worn and neglected. It seemed that very poor people lived in the apartment, and after a few seconds their hypothesis was confirmed. The door was opened by a slim, slightly tired, 87-year-old woman.

As it turned out, the old woman had supplies in the fridge, but they were chaotic and not suitable for a wholesome meal. The uniformed officers decided to temporarily replenish the supplies for the old woman in a nearby store.

While cooking a meal for a woman, men asked her why she lived alone and why no one was interested in her considering her age?

Louise later found out she has a son who lives in nearby. The old woman did not want to call her son and thought she could handle it herself.

The partners understood that the woman could not cope with household chores alone and that she needed help in the future. So they contacted her son and told them about the situation. Grandma's son turned out to be kind, caring and understanding.

He quickly responded to their call, but since he lived on the other side of Italy, it would take him some time to reach his mother. As the son approached the old woman, our heroes decided not to leave her in trouble and visited her again the next morning.

The man turned out to be a very nice man who was very concerned about the situation. Not only did he take care of his mother, he described in social media the great attitude of the policemen who helped his mother.

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