Taken from life. The deceitful son has taken over his father's house. Then he got rid of the senior in a callous way

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Sometimes it is the case that members of the immediate family use deception to deprive others of their dignity and roof over their heads…

Real life. Sneaky son expropriated father's house. Then he got rid of the senior in a heartless way

There is no doubt that the bonds between father and son are usually strong and last until the end of life. Unfortunately, man, apart from higher feelings, has been equipped with greed, jealousy and pride, which increasingly appeal to more and more people.

The son treated the old father ruthlessly. He used trickery

After Antoni's adult son got married, his visits to the family home intensified. Usually he was not interested in his father, who had been left alone a few years ago after the death of his wife. He preferred not to show up or call because his father always has some requests for help.

Piotr avoided contact with the senior as he preferred to spend his time on entertainment and never changed plans when his father asked for something really urgent, such as a leaking pipe in the wall or an empty fridge during his father's bedridden illness…

Things suddenly changed when his newlywed wife announced that they were expecting a child. Peter suddenly began to visit his father, and finally he offered to live with his wife in his house and take care of him, and when he died, the house would be his. Antoni agreed because he needed care very much and could not afford to pay for a babysitter or nurse.

Time passed and the spouses treated the senior worse and worse. They didn't care that he couldn't chew anything hard, so he was served such meals on purpose. As a result of these actions, the starved senior was taken to the hospital. This is what Peter was waiting for. He quickly arranged the papers, and when his father was discharged home, he was taken to an old people's home instead of his own home.

He was confused but clear-headed. He asked for a notary's visit, explaining that he felt death was approaching, so he wanted to be able to write his will on time. He left the house, garden and a piece of forest belonging to it in his will to a young nurse who took care of him as if he were his own father.

When after Antoni's death all potential heirs were summoned to read the will, Piotr and his wife were sure that they would get the house and all the rest. However, after reading the contents of the document, everyone was shocked, but only one modest person shed tears of happiness…

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