Taken from life. The husband decided to take a large sum from the family budget to buy an apartment. The mistress also has to live somewhere

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I expected the bastard to betray me, but I didn't expect it in such a mean way! – says Krystyna about her ex-husband.

Real life. The husband decided to take a large sum from the family budget to buy an apartment. The mistress also has to live somewhere

Nina and Karol were married for about twenty-two years and lived like an ordinary family, because they saw each other for the first time right after graduation, fell in love and it didn't take long for the marriage decision to be made. They got married quickly. Later, Nina and Karol had a son whom they named Tymoteusz.

A lot of things happened to the couple when they were married: they didn't even have money to eat, they lived in a very small one-room apartment, they swore a lot and even thought about divorcing.

I didn't expect him to be so perfidious< /h2>

Although there was no betrayal in the family all this time, there were reasons for quarrels. Then the couple decided to develop their careers, thanks to which closer to thirty-five both had good earnings and began to live a little prosperous.

It seemed that nothing bad happened along the way, they raised their son, sent him to college, and later went to work. However, suddenly Karol began the crisis that often accompanies middle age, because with each passing day he liked a certain girl more and more. This girl just graduated from college and received her diploma just a few years ago.

Nina felt that her life became very similar to the series because the girl her husband fell in love with was really very attractive The men ran after her in droves. Perhaps it's her charisma that many people pay attention to.

The girl saw that Karol was deeply in love with her, so she decided to take advantage of his generosity, because she really wanted to stay in Warsaw, but she had no money for an apartment. She persuaded her forty-year-old lover to buy a flat. This was not a problem for the girl.

Nina herself noticed that her husband began to cheat on her, and then she was sure of it, because one day Karol announced that he wanted to move to a rented apartment. At first, she also wanted to cheat on her husband as revenge, but things turned out differently. When she found out about the meanness of her unfaithful husband, suddenly it was as if the flip-flops with the inscription Karol fell from her eyes.

She noticed the buttery eyes that her colleague from work had been doing to her for a long time. She did not wait for the official divorce to develop this relationship, and Karol fell into debt because of the whims of his mistress.

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