Taken from life. The man could not look at the ruined staircase. He carried out the renovation. What about the neighbors

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Sometimes it happens that we have to count only on ourselves when we want to improve the living conditions for ourselves and our neighbors…

Real life. A man couldn't look at a ruined staircase stairwell. Renovated. What do the neighbors think

The man returned to his homeland after many years of living abroad. He was accustomed to neatness and tidiness, so what he saw in his hometown surprised and upset him.

The resident of the building could not bear such a sight. So he went to work

There were dirty and obscene words written on the walls, there was dirt everywhere, the shabby walls were unpleasant. So he decided to fix the entrance himself.

Real life. The man couldn't look at the ruined staircase. He did the renovation. What about the neighbors

Of course he offered helping the neighbors. He thought that many would be happy to support his idea. The man began collecting money. However, many took this initiative with hostility. For many, everything was fine, and for others it seemed that it did not concern them, the most important thing for them is that everything is fine in their homes.

He made a manly decision and set about refreshing the walls and ceilings

Some tenants were happy with the repair but didn't want to spend the money. The man decided that he would have to do everything himself, but there were a few neighbors who decided to help. As a result, he managed to collect the required amount.

He made repairs with his own hands, repainted the walls, removed all dirt, whitewashed the ceiling, and removed the floor. The result is amazing.

Real life. The man couldn't look at the ruined staircase. He did the renovation. What about the neighbors

The entrance started look nice and neat, all unpleasant sensations disappeared. The man is not offended by his neighbors, although he cannot understand the reasons for their dissatisfaction. The following year, he decided to start insulating the walls of a residential building.

Let's hope that this time he won't have to deal with everything himself, because such matters are the responsibility of the housing association. Will the industrious tenant be able to move the right cogs of this bureaucratic machine?

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