Taken from life. The mother does everything to make her son unhappy. She said, “Even though I didn't want you, you'll have to take care of me in my old age”

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You will look after me. You will live with our neighbors. And if your woman says anything against it, she'll be looking for a new fag for herself.

Real life. A mother does everything to make her son unhappy. She said:

I even have a candidate – the daughter of my neighbors! It's going to be a bride!

We have such a characteristic neighbor – Alina. She is such that young people fade against her background. He runs a farm: chickens, geese, ducks, pigs. She herself has three sons. The oldest in the capital works in a prestigious company. He rarely visits his mother. The younger one works as a school teacher, he lives well. His mother gave him an apartment, so he lives there with his wife and children.

The story will be about her middle son, Antek, who lived at home with his mother. He gave all his money to Alina, he had no bad habits. And it so happened that with his money, the mother gave apartments to the rest of her sons.

A few years ago, the boy fell in love with a girl who came to their country house. The mother bought a house, which she bequeathed to the youngest son, and still kept the middle one with her. So, when Antek, head over heels in love, told his mother that he was going to the city with a girl, she threatened him that if he did, he should never show himself again.

She did not want to accept her son's departure until the end. She blamed her daughter-in-law for everything

Antek chose to leave, although his mother hung dogs on his beloved. He quickly settled in the new place, although he had a little further to his work at school. One day, the boy received a call from his mother and heard that she was inviting both of them to visit him. Good-natured Antek did not smell the trick. On the spot, it turned out that they had to stay there for a few days, because the mother was not feeling well, and the rest of the siblings were unable to help.

Antek agreed, although he was afraid of leaving his fiancée with his mother. After all, she did not hide that she did not accept this relationship. During the young people's stay in the countryside with Antek's mother, the elderly woman was still trying to undermine Ania's faithfulness and credibility. Although the girl specifically took time off from work to be with her and take care of her together with Antek, the old lady didn't seem to notice. She kept whispering in her son's ear that she saw Ania with someone else somewhere in the village, read messages exchanged with her lover and did not trust her an inch.

On the eve of their departure to the city, Antek called his mother and asked if knows where Ania is, he is unable to reach her. Alina knew that her son was at work and decided to take advantage of the situation. Although she did not know where Ania was, she lied to her son that she had seen her a few minutes ago on a bench by the river – drinks wine with this Piotrek from the Maliszewski family – she said in an indignant voice.

Na her own misfortune fell into a trap set by herself – mom, Ania is next to me, and you are mean! – Antek told his mother. – You will look after me. You will live with our neighbors. And if your woman says something against it, she will look for a new fagas for herself – she drawled out, adding that she had already found him a neighbor's daughter. It was the last time Antoni rushed to help his mother …

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