Taken from life. The old lady was in a nursing home. It was her 84th birthday and she had not seen her children for many years

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Who would have thought that Janka, a successful engineer in the past, a respected mother of two, would one day wake up in a nursing home.

Real life. The old lady was in a nursing home. It was her 84th birthday and she had not seen hers for many years children

She had an interesting life full of various events. Like all mothers in her situation, she was constantly torn between home and work. Many of her classmates all the time wondered how she could so perfectly combine work, household, and
addition to raise two children. Yes, no one knew how much she spent except herself.

But apparently something went wrong at some point in her life. She was always
a kind, sympathetic and loving person, but unfortunately she never managed to instill that in her children.

Despite all her kindness, fate was not kind to her

< p>Now she is a weak, elderly and largely helpless woman. She didn't expect the children to be needed. She had not seen Grzegorz, her eldest, for ten years. Once he went to work west and stayed there permanently. The rest of the children also scattered around the world, leaving their mother alone.

At some point, she became an ailing, elderly lady who faced the realities of her old age alone. Over time, she became more and more clumsy, which was a consequence of overloading herself with work throughout her life. She did not expect to end up in a nursing home after having held important social functions and was a highly respected citizen for years.

Looking out the window of her room, she realized that she had just celebrated her 84th birthday, and she had not seen her children in years. She didn't even know if and how many grandchildren she had. As she looked into the distance, lost in thought, the door of her room opened slightly, and a girl in her 20s walked in. The old lady looked at her and immediately recognized those eyes – aren't you Grześ's daughter? – she asked the stranger – Yes, grandma, I'm Asia – the girl replied and timidly entered deeper.

As it turned out, hearing her father's conversation with the nursing home employees, she decided to visit her grandmother, secretly from her parents. She came to take her grandmother to her house, which she built together with her husband. – I've come to pick you up, I'm taking you home – she said, extending her arms to her grandmother…

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