Taken from life. The senior always spoke beautifully about her children. She was proud of them, but they weren't with her at the last goodbye

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The children decided to erect an expensive monument to their mother.

Real life. The senior woman always spoke beautifully about her children. She was proud of them, but they were not with her last goodbye

Fashionable marble! They chose a beautiful photo where the mother is still quite young. Such a beautiful monument that all the passers-by stopped and looked…

The woman was proud of her children. The daughter has reached the heights of her career – she serves in the ministry. He knows several languages ​​and often goes abroad on business trips. He belongs to the elite, so he deals effectively with his worries and affairs.

The son is a sailor. How many meters and oceans they have already sailed, you cannot count. Mom didn't see him often, only with a photo of him in a white tunic, she talked and prayed to God for his health.

Grandma told everyone about the golden children she had. However, only one thing remained silent…

The daughter came to her mother for the last time about eight years ago. Jobs don't wait, if only you knew how many things there are in world politics! The daughter was supposed to lead everything, not have empty conversations with her mother.

A son in the treadmill of the oceans and the sea. He is a sought-after captain, so fate did not bring him home. There are no oceans along the way to look at your mother.

In recent years, she could no longer even walk. The extended family visited the elderly woman from time to time, less frequently than social workers. Meanwhile, the woman never said a bad word about the children. Everyone was looking at the photos of her daughter and son smiling.

She was looking forward to them. She thought that at least they would accompany her on her final journey. However, she died alone. The daughter did not come to the funeral – she had to meet some important minister. And the son was on the high seas. How will he get to his hometown? To cross the sea, right?

They turned to their mother's neighbor to arrange everything at the proper level. They spared no money and influences to ensure that my mother's funeral was held with dignity.

The neighbor buried the old woman. She returned the money to her children, because the grandmother had saved during her lifetime for her own death. She realized that there was no point in relying on children. The kids weren't even interested in it.

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