Taken from life. The son took the old mother in the winter to a dilapidated cottage in the countryside. The neighbors could not watch the old woman freeze to death

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Winter came, and with it trouble fell on Nina's head.

Real life. The son took his old mother to a ruined cottage in the winter in the countryside. The neighbors couldn't watch the old woman freeze< /p>

Her only son Mikołaj, 43, sent her to the countryside for the winter. You can't call the house there a summer house. Their house is so-so, but the plot itself is in a good place and is quite large. Nina and her husband built this cottage in the post-war years, so it is very modest and in poor condition.

These hectares beloved by Nina fed the whole family for decades. Nina did not spend money on a new sweater, she saved a lot on herself, but never on expensive seedlings or fertilizer trucks from the neighboring village.

She did not think that she would be able to return there in her old age in winter

Many neighbors envied her, but what to envy? Everyone saw that Nina was bustling around the garden from morning to evening. She knew everything about the garden, shared seedlings and crops with her neighbors. A good woman, she never said a bad word about anyone, not even her poor son Nicholas.

So it seems that he is not bad, but his second wife turned out to be a real monster. He plagues Nina with eternal dissatisfaction. Everything is not okay. Either cucumbers are bitter or Nina's smell makes her sick.

About five years ago, Nina was forced to sell her one-room apartment to pay off her son's gambling debt. She was afraid that they would kill him for debts. Mikołaj was grateful to his mother and placed her in his two-room apartment. Meanwhile, the new daughter-in-law made her life hell. There was some kind of brawl there recently, but Nina is silent about it – she obviously wants to protect her son from prying eyes.

When the son decided to ask his mother to spend the winter in a cottage in the country, she did not want to cause him any additional trouble by refusing. TV, I'm wintering… Don't worry”.

Unfortunately, the reason for worry is huge, because few are able to winter in such conditions, and we are talking about a frail old woman here! Grandma will just freeze in her hut. The neighbor says that she takes Nina with her for the winter because her hut is big and warm. Together they will knit, grow seedlings for future seedlings, and in the spring, as soon as they see Santa, they will tell him everything straight to his face.

They can't come to terms with how the son acted with his own mother – wyacute ; he paid it for the winter to a dilapidated cottage, and he and his wife were warmly eating the preserves that her mother was sweating to make…

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