Taken from life. The young man, wanting to help the old man, took him to him. He quickly realized that something was wrong with his visitor

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Already on the first day of Eugeniusz's stay in his apartment, strange things began to happen…

Real life. A young man, wanting to helpó to the old man, he took him in. He quickly realized that there was something wrong with his guest

One day, Paweł, rushing to work, noticed that on the bench under his windows since the previous evening an old man sits alone and stares at it. He gave the impression that he wanted to catch Paweł's attention through the windows.

However, he did not have time to talk and rushed to the company so as not to be late for an important presentation of the new project. All the while he thought about the older man who didn't look homeless at all. Returning from work, Paweł sincerely hoped that he would not find the old man on the bench, but he was very disappointed.

The mysterious old man completely changed Paweł's worldview. It will never be like before

The man sat invariably, staring at the windows of Paweł's apartment. The young man came over, sat down next to him, and asked the stranger if he was okay and if he needed help. The man seemed to react with relief to Paweł's behavior and in one breath told him the sad story of his life.

The young man felt sorry for the old man who told him that he had lost his memory and had no idea where to go, where he lived or if he had any living relatives. When the old man heard the invitation to the apartment, he got up briskly despite the long sitting position and directed his steps towards the entrance of the building.

In the evening, when Paweł was getting ready for work in the morning, the old man was preparing dinner. He bustled around the kitchen and the rest of the apartment, cleaning, arranging, and generally trying to repay his host in some way. Unfortunately, it turned out that the old man was completely different than he revealed to Paweł…

After dinner, the owner of the apartment felt strangely weak, so he lay down on the couch in the living room to wait out the dizziness. Putting a pillow under his head, he felt what felt like hair under his hand. As he grabbed it in his fingers and pulled it out from under the pillow, he froze at the sight of a lock of gray, weak hair tied with black thread that could only belong to one person… A moment later his eyes went dark and he lost consciousness.

The young man woke up petrified from hypothermia, numb and with a powerful headache, which usually accompanies a hangover. Dazed and confused, he got up from the couch and staggered to the front door. In the hall, in the semi-darkness, he stumbled over an old man curled up on the floor, sobbing silently.

He decided to thoroughly search his pockets and everything that the stranger had with him. He felt a rectangular bulge in the lining of his jacket, and decided to extract the object. When he looked at the red notebook, and in it strange notes in an unfamiliar language, he realized only from the sketches that it was a record of some ritual.

So he called the police, which almost immediately woke the old man from a strange trance mixed with despair and anger. The uniformed officers, hearing Paweł's story, immediately knew that it was about Eugeniusz, who once again moved away from the house where he lives with his daughter. As it turned out, the senior had been prowling the region for several months in search of the perfect “body donor”. After watching a movie in which the main characters take over the young bodies of their victims with the help of a magical ritual, Eugene wanted the same. His fixation on this point almost ended in tragedy, and he eventually ended up in a psychiatric ward.

Fortunately, the substance with which Paweł was drugged left no damage to his system other than a temporary bó head. Now the young man will think twice before helping anyone…

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