Taken from life. They were the perfect couple. soul mates. Suddenly it turned out that the husband has a 35-year-old mistress

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Well, she's five years younger, but so what?

In real life. They were the perfect couple. Soul mates. Suddenly my husband had a 35-year-old mistress

We have two children . We lived like a perfect couple. What happened to us??! – cried Maja, alternately wiping her red nose, and her eyes were wet with tears…

She met her husband, Witek, in her youth at a disco. Then they studied together, worked together, got married. They've been through a lot together. From baby snot to mortgage loans.

Something has gone wrong

Maja has always considered her husband the closest person to her.
He is my husband, friend and father – she boasted to her friends. – And he loves me beyond remembrance!

Witek was an exemplary family man and it seemed that apart from his wife and children he was not interested in anything. He was calm and undemanding to life. How many times Maja boasted that whatever she put on Witek's plate, everything tasted good to him, and he purred with delight. “Mój cat”, Maja affectionately called him.

And so it was, their dream family life. The daughters grew up, scattered like birds, to different places. Majka was resting, enjoying the peace and quiet.

One evening, after taking a shower, Maja lay down in the marriage bed, waiting for her husband. Witek stayed in the bathroom – he was going to shave for the night. Suddenly the phone rang. Maja took it in her hands – unknown number.

Witek, Witek, come out! Phone to you! she called her husband. Silence, he didn't seem to hear. The phone went silent and a text message was heard – ding… Maja took the phone and turned on the screen…

“-Bunny, I'm calling, you don't answer … I know you won't come today, bitch at home. But tomorrow I'm waiting. I made dumplings for you! I love, kiss, hug. Your bunny ” – read Maja.

She felt as if the earth had slipped from under her feet. with bears.

There were no tears, the brain was clear and transparent as always. It's over, it flashed through my mind… It's over…

Witek came out of the bathroom freshly after bathing and shaving. He saw his phone in her hand and immediately understood everything. Slowly and very calmly he walked over to the bedside table, cleared his throat, sat down and looked into her eyes.

-Who is she and why!!?? – Maya asked in a very loud whisper.

-Who is she? She is a woman. Beautiful, sexy. He is thirty-five and has no children. She is beautiful, she has slim fingers with a manicure. She is slim and has tanned skin. She cooks well, her dumplings are delicious… What else? I love her and we've been together for three years. Oh, did you ask why? You, your nasty borscht, your uncut hair, your stupid, moronic laugh. And… And… those pajamas in a bowl, fish… It all makes me sick.

Maja sat stunned and couldn't move from pain and terror.
– I'm leaving. I've wanted to for a long time, but I've been waiting for the girls to grow up… Now I think it's possible. I'll come get the rest of the stuff tomorrow while you're gone. I'll put the keys in the mailbox. Goodbye.

Maja sat on the bed for a long time in her funny, beloved pajamas… She heard the front door slam. She flinched at the sound, like a shot. And she lowered her head…

She found out how the soul hurts. She knew the pain would go away with time, but the scar would remain. And she knew she had to live. You have to live, no matter what…

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