Taken from life. We gave half of the house to our son. It was the worst decision of my life

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When my husband and I decided to give half of the house to our adult son, we had no idea how big a mistake we were making.

Real life. We gave half of the house to our son. It was the worst decision ever

My husband and I had a dream: we really wanted to live not in an apartment, but in our own private house: large and comfortable.

To this end, we worked very hard and managed to build a large two-story house. We immediately told our son Antek that now he will never have dilemmas with the apartment again. In the end, the house was divided into two separate halves.

I thought they would be grateful to us for the rest of their lives!

Each half of the house had its own entrance. True, there were doors that allowed you to go to the other half of the house without going outside.

Each part of the house also had all amenities, there was a kitchen, there were a few rooms. Of course, all the necessary furniture could not be missing. This is not a one-room apartment on the fifteenth floor! Space, fresh air! Beauty!

Our son Antek is 30 years old. Four years ago he married Kasia and they started living in their own half of the house. At that time, this half of the house was still our property.

The part of the house where the son and his wife lived could be entered either through the door located inside the house or from the street. We got along very well in the beginning. Kasia listened to my advice and followed the rules I introduced, but it didn't last long.

Kasia took off the covers from the upholstered furniture. I almost passed out when I saw them sitting on upholstered furniture in the clothes they wear around town. I understood that the daughter-in-law does not care about the furniture at all. Why, if she didn't buy them.

The daughter-in-law slid the chairs straight across the laminate, and laminate scratches quickly. I told her:

– Pick up the chair and move it. You don't have to scratch the laminate.

She says:

– I can't lift weights. I'm pregnant!

I was in total shock when I heard that. I told her:

– The chair is not heavy! If you have a normal pregnancy, you can raise the chair without risk. And if there is a miscarriage, apparently it's meant to be! You don't have to give birth to disabled people!

Kasia's first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. They started accusing me of losing the baby because I was annoying her.

She yelled at me:

– It's all you fault! It's all your fault! You always come and rule yourself here! I'm going home to my mom!

I'd be happy if that happened. However, my husband disagreed with me. We boarded up the door and gave half of the house to our son. My husband promised that I wouldn't enter them again.

My son was very pleased with this gift. However now my husband thinks we made a mistake. We rushed to get a gift, for which neither son nor daughter-in-law are grateful.

Now, to get to the other half of the house, I had to get dressed and go outside. My son cursed me for coming to them all the time. Why do I have to ask permission to come?

– I'm really worried about Kasia! He sleeps until ten in the afternoon! I'm actually coming to see if she's even alive!

Then Kasia got pregnant for the second time. Antek asked me not to come to them at all and not to bother Kasia.

– I won't touch her! I don't say a word to her!

I went to see them one morning. It was already eleven in the afternoon. I look and there is laundry in the washing machine. I started hanging them up. Kasia woke up and flew into a fury. She got upset, got dressed and went to her mother.

Two days later my son called me and said he had put his half of the house up for sale. My husband and I thought he was joking, but it turned out he wasn't. Antek really sold half of the house almost for free. And he bought himself a small one-room apartment where he lives now.

Now there are strangers next door. My husband and I are very annoyed. My son won't even talk to us. We think he did very badly. He didn't build this house. He didn't put anything into it! Since he no longer wanted to share it with us, he could have rented an apartment and moved out! He didn't have to cash in the gift from us right away!

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