Taken from life. When he invited a homeless man to his house, he did not know how the life of the whole family would change

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In recent years, Sławek has had no luck with work.

Real life. When he invited a homeless man to his house, he didn't know how life would change for the whole family

He knocked on the doors of many companies. Their proposals were unprofitable or a transfer to another location was envisaged. And how to do it when Sławek has a family and children?

On that day, when the spouses found out about the appearance of children in their future, they were delighted. When they were born, both parents took care of the children, no one helped them.

It was difficult at first. Sometimes Ania slept on a mattress in the kitchen, locked herself in there with the children so that her husband could sleep in silence, then they changed.

An extraordinary visitor completely changed the family's life

When the children grew up situation has improved. They played with each other while their parents went about their business. Trying to feed his large family, Sławek tried to find a good job, and Ania took care of the children. They were in debt and nobody wanted to help. Friends avoided this family for fear that they would ask them for money. And it turned out to be a vicious circle.

Once Sławek met an elderly man at the entrance. It immediately became noticeable that grandfather had been freezing for a long time. Sławek asked him about the reason for this situation, as it turned out, the daughter-in-law simply threw the old man out of the house.

The man decided to take the old man home to warm himself, eat and rest before they decide together what to do. do to effectively help the homeless. The man, ashamed and with tears in his eyes, accepted the help of a young couple and told his story.

It turns out that the old man's son died a few months ago, and the daughter-in-law decided to break her father-in-law's promise that in exchange for the opportunity to live with him, he will be able to count on lifelong care in this apartment.

The woman drove her father-in-law to his family home in the countryside, which was a total ruin and was only habitable in the summer. Sławek and Ania decided to help their new friend and together they all went to see the actual condition of the building. They offered the old man to stay with them until spring, and when the frosts passed, they would do the most urgent renovation of the house, and the senior in return would let them come from time to time with their children in the summer to stay in the bosom of nature.

The daughter-in-law was, of course, sued for what she had done and had to give the apartment to her father-in-law, because according to the law it still belonged to him.

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