Taken from life. When my son told me about his mistress, I wanted to tell his wife everything. The son then threatened not to see any more grandchildren

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My son acted wrong…

Real life. When my son told me about his mistress, I wanted to tell his wife everything. Son then he threatened not to see any more grandchildren

This was the case at the beginning of winter! – says fifty-eight-year-old Irena. – Once my son called me and I thought he wanted to talk to me again, but then he warned me that if his wife Kaśka calls, I should tell her that he will stay at my house.

I immediately understood what was going on and did not want to lie to my daughter-in-law. If my son no longer loves her, why not file for divorce? Who will Kasia take me for if I start lying to her so that my son can have fun with his mistress?

This secret is tiring

Irena gets along quite well with Kasia. My daughter-in-law and my son already have two daughters, to whom they also devote a lot of attention. Kasia always takes care of the house so that it is always clean and knows how to cook deliciously, so Irena considers her the perfect wife for her son. Probably every man dreams of such a girl, and mothers-in-law can only hope to find a daughter-in-law with such a character.

Kasia always treated everyone well and did not put herself above anyone, but on the contrary, she believed that she should help all relatives. Irena sometimes wondered how the daughter-in-law managed to take her daughters to kindergarten, clean the house almost every day, cook breakfast and dinner twice for the whole family, and sometimes help her mother-in-law with the housework.

Irena did not suspect that her son's relationship with her daughter-in-law would ever deteriorate, much less did she think that any of them would change. Can you cheat on your wife when their youngest daughter recently started kindergarten? What happened in the relationship of the spouses that Andrzej decided to cheat on his wife?

I started yelling at my son on the phone that you don't do that, and if you don't love Kasia anymore, it's better to tell her right away than to break her heart when she finds out her husband has a mistress. I told him that I would immediately call Kasia and tell the whole truth if Andrzej himself did not plan to confess, but suddenly my son said that if I told her, he would not build me a new fence in the country and would not pay for a ticket to the philharmonic, so as expected, I had to keep quiet.

Now I realize I've been struggling with this mystery for a year. I'm afraid that Kasia will leave if she finds out about my son's mistress. He will go far away and I won't see my grandchildren again…