Taken from life. When she asked her son and daughter-in-law how much they earn, they remained silent. She had to know these amounts at all costs

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Children do not want to talk about their income. Why all these secrets?

Real life. When she asked her son and daughter-in-law how much they earn, they were silent as if spellbound. She had to know these amounts at any cost

Zofia's daughter-in-law finally got a job. A good place, as far as a woman can judge from the scant information she has received from her son's wife. The office is not far from home, the work schedule is perfect, until four o'clock. He can pick up his son from kindergarten. Most importantly, work in the specialty. She just doesn't want to say how much she earns.

The woman really wanted to know how much her son and daughter-in-law earn

The girl categorically refuses to discuss the issue of salaries. He believes that in general questions about money are tactless. The mother-in-law will not understand what is so about the salary information. After all, she's not a stranger.

Previously, a woman could not find out how much her son earns for a long time. He replied that it was enough. Her friend has no such problems. She knows how many children get, how much, and what they spend on.

She didn't understand why the youngsters kept it a secret

Zofia doesn't need children's help. He is retired but has a job. In addition, he rents an apartment.

She never hid her income. She always answered questions about the amount of the pension or the cost of renting an apartment. This is simple information that can help other people navigate the financial sphere of life. It won't cause jealousy because the amounts are small.

She was smart and used social media

The woman still couldn't find out how much her son earns. So she asked his friends. She also learned about the size of her daughter-in-law's income. She found a job offer in the company on the Internet. It has not been removed from the site.

Do you also think it's impolite to ask about salary or shopping costs? Even relatives don't know? Maybe it's stupid to hide such information? After all, everything is earned honestly.

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