Taken from life. When the girl told her lover about the pregnancy, he decided to give the child to strangers. Then everything went fast

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Sometimes we stray from the path while chasing our dreams…

Real life. When the girl told her lover about the pregnancy, he decided to give the child to strangers. After that everything went fast

Did you get that? – Jarek asked Katarzyna. – Yes…– replied the girl, wiping the blood from her face.

A few years ago, Catherine left her small town and went to the capital to study there. Yes, but she couldn't finish them because she didn't get in. The girl's mother had died a few years earlier, and her father is a drunkard, so he never cared about his own daughter. At the same time, he didn't care about the house either.

She had big plans. Deprived of the support of her loved ones, she got into trouble

Yes, Kasia understood that she would not achieve anything in her city. The only thing she had a chance at was working as a cashier at a local store. She could not study because she had no money for education. At the same time, she constantly had to save the money her father gave her. She took on every part-time job. At the same time, while still in school, she tried to save money. All her plans for college and work have failed.

In the capital, she rented a room, but the neighbors were too loud, they organized drunken parties, fights and brawls. An elderly man also lived there, whose son rented premises to people.

Then Kasia got a job as a waitress in a cafe. Although the beginning of the job was difficult, she learned quickly and eventually began to be appreciated and noticed by the manager. Jarek was a nice and handsome man who more and more often rewarded Kasia with bonuses and beauty salon passes. Before Kasia knew it, she was in a complicated love relationship with a married cafe manager… It quickly became clear that she would no longer have to work as a waitress, as her lover showered her with money and expensive gifts.

He impressed her with designer clothes, going to clubs and restaurants, but most of all she was grateful to him for buying her an apartment so that they could meet there for love games. Over time, however, she noticed that Jarek slowly began to lose interest in her, although he still allowed her to live in the “love nest”. One day, however, everything fell apart when Kasia informed Jarek that she was expecting his child.

The man told her to get rid of the pregnancy, but for many reasons it was impossible. Until the birth, Jarek made sure that no one saw her pregnant, and when their son was born, the man began to implement his cruel plan … One day he came to the apartment and ordered the child to be ready to be taken – they will come soon his new parents for him,” he said dryly. Kasia began to explain that she would manage her own upbringing, would leave him alone, would leave so that he would not take her child, but he hit her – Did it get through to you? he asked angrily. she lived. The owner's grandfather took care of the young mother and her son, offered a corner and made her feel safe again. Jack didn't know where to look for them. With time, Kasia and her son returned to her hometown, where the single mother started her life anew. She met her former childhood love – Paweł, with whom she had a crush on the entire elementary school. They are a couple and they are happy. Although they do not live in luxury, they are confident about the common future, running a tiny local shop together.

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