Taken from life. “Why does he need a girlfriend, I give him everything,” said the confident mother. She was very wrong

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I hope that one day my son will understand me and leave this Kaśka…

Real life. "Why does he need a girlfriend, I provide him with everything" said a confident mother. She was very wrong

Last month God's punishment fell on me – my son Stasiek has a girlfriend. Why does he need it? I cook for him, clean, wash, pack for work, get up early… He's still a baby!

Staś's behavior suddenly changed. From time to time he left the house, disappeared for whole evenings or locked himself in his room. Worried. I suspected he was in trouble. Maybe he fell into bad company or got into a conflict? After all, there is so much evil in the streets in our time… I asked him questions, but he refused to talk.

– Don't worry, Mom. There's nothing to worry about, everything is as usual.

– Son, you understand that when dad died, I have one hope in you. I feel pain and loneliness. I have no one to spend the evening with. You've been so distant from me lately… I could already feel my eyes fill with tears. – I can't take it anymore, I can't!

— Mom, I went to play soccer with my friends. Okay, I'll try not to leave you so often – he said.

Not that I'm against football, but I had the impression that Stasiek was hiding something from me.

– Maybe he has a girlfriend. He's cute, he's not stupid, he already has a beard, he looks serious, so no wonder – said Ela, our neighbor, when I confessed my dilemmas to her.

I was adamant, but it lost me

At these words, I tapped my forehead, claiming that with my board, Staś certainly doesn't need a girlfriend, he has everything with me! – Well… You can't provide him with certain things personally – whispered Ela, winking at me.

Since then I've been watching Staś's behavior even more closely. Sometimes, when I was on my way, I pretended to walk around the city, and I would sit on a bench by some entrance or shop and watch where and with whom my son was going until he disappeared from sight. Then I got up and walked on.

And actually! Something was wrong! He started taking better care of himself. He went to practice. And he was coming back very late! Train from 6pm to 10pm? On weekends, he would often come back after midnight, explaining that he stayed at a party, was at a birthday party, etc.

– I understand everything, son… But I'm worried about you here. You could have warned me! I cried. I saw that Stas was ashamed. Serves him right! How could he put the poor mother in fear…

I've gotten smarter since then. As soon as he left, I called. It's not that I was sorry, but at the time I really had such a nervous pain… My chest was torn, so I'm afraid to mention it. Finally, one day Stasiek said to me:

„Mom, you always do well. Don't make yourself a victim! Lie down, I'll be right back. I'm 22 now, I'm an adult, I can go out and hang out without my mom!”
Those words hurt me. I didn't speak to him for two days after that call.

As a result, after almost a year of such a fight and lies, Stasiek told me the truth. I thought I misheard.

– Mom, I'm seeing a girl. Her name is Kasia. I don't want to lie and check in every minute anymore. Mom, you have to understand one thing, he said. I love you, I am grateful to you for everything and you will always be the most important woman in the world to me. However, I met Kasia and I want to build a relationship with her. Meeting, walking, having dinner, eventually even living with her…

— What do you mean?! I couldn't listen to him anymore. Why do you need some Kasia? Why live with her? Tired of your mom? – I asked, shedding tears.

– Mom, stop… – he said. – You can't keep me on a leash all the time. I became an adult and I have a right to my own life!

I didn't understand what had happened to him. What's going on with these kids? What have I done wrong for him to treat me like this? I had a fight with Staś.

He left but came back in the evening. I was sure she wanted to apologize and say that Kasia was stupid. Meanwhile, it turned out that I was wrong. He sat next to me and at first told me again how much he loved and needed me. A moment later he began to develop the subject:

“I know my big sister hurt you, but she was right. You try to lead everything, set your own terms, isolate us from the world. Dad had no friends, never left the house. We don't actually have any contact with anyone in the family…

I wanted to cut him off, but he continued:

– I'm no longer with my mommy who has to wipe her snot off after every sneeze. I work, I'm 23 years old and for over a year I've been dating a wonderful girl who you don't accept in advance and whom you don't give the slightest chance, although you've never seen her. Mom, don't make me choose – you or her – because that's not normal!

I felt faint, so he opened the window with concern in his eyes. I decided to take advantage of this and pretend to be sick every time he wanted to go out or bring her. Unfortunately, the intellect he inherited from his father, so he quickly saw through me and disappeared from my life for a few months. It was terrible for the mother's heart!

I had to stop plotting to get it back, but as soon as I see this girl up to something, I'll destroy her in a heartbeat!

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