Tamara Lich remains in prison and will know her fate on Friday


Tamara Lich remains in prison and will meet her fate on Friday

Court's ruling on alleged violation of Ms Lich's release conditions expected on Friday

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the truckers' protest, is accused of violating her bail conditions (file).

Tamara Lich will remain in prison at least until #x27;until Friday, when a justice of the peace is due to issue a ruling on whether she breached her bail conditions by appearing alongside another truck convoy leader during a #x27;a gala, in June, in Toronto.

Ms. Lich appeared virtually in Ottawa court on Tuesday for a fourth bail hearing since her first arrest in February.

Crown Attorney Moiz Karimjee , pleaded that a photo and video showing Tamara Lich at the Toronto gala, posing with Tom Marazzo and briefly addressing him, was a flagrant breach of her release conditions. He argued that Ms. Lich should be detained.

But defense attorney Lawrence Greenspon played down Ms Lich's actions, saying they did not constitute a violation. According to him, his client should therefore be released on conditions.

Ms. Lich was taken into custody in Medicine Hat, Alberta, on June 27, after police in x27;Ottawa has issued a Canada-wide warrant for her arrest.

She faces charges of mischief, encouraging others to commit mischief, obstructing police work, encouraging others to obstruct police work, of encouraging others to bully and intimidate by blocking and obstructing one or more highways as part of his participation in the truckers' protests last winter.


On Tuesday, Mr. Greenspon argued that the time Ms. Lich has spent in custody since her arrest far outweighs the seriousness of her conduct.

She has spent nine days in jail so far for exchanging congratulations and posing in a photo with someone she was not supposed to be in contact with, he said. argued.

The exact wording of Ms. Lich's bail conditions was discussed at length during the hearing. It provides that she may not contact or communicate in any way, by any physical, electronic or other means, with any list of individuals associated with the truckers' convoy – including Tom Marazzo – except through the ;through a lawyer or in the presence of a lawyer.

Tamara Lich, fourth from left, was ordered of a judge not to have contact with Tom Marazzo, another organizer of the convoy, second from the right. We see it in this photo taken on June 16.

The lead investigator in the case, Detective Chris Benson, told the court on Tuesday that police received several complaints that Ms. Lich breached her bail conditions at the ceremony in Toronto on May 16. June.

The Court was shown a video in which Ms. Lich could be seen talking with Mr. Marazzo for approximately three seconds.

Me Greenspon defended his client by considering that it was a physical contact, which therefore did not violate the conditions of release related to communication with certain individuals.

They are present, together, and it is a physical contact, replied the detective. If they're in the same room socializing, that's included too.

Mr Greenspon said police could not hear what she said to Mr Marazzo in the video. He also asked the detective if he could identify any lawyers from the Center for Constitutional Freedoms, the organization that organized the event.

Mr. Benson admitted that he could not identify any, adding that he was unaware that any of Ms. Lich's attorneys were in the video or photo taken the same evening.

She sits at a table with Mr. Marazzo at a social event, a gala. It's not a law office, it's not a boardroom, Mr. Benson added, explaining the basis of the warrant for her arrest. She was then photographed later that night with Mr. Marazzo, arm in arm.

A text message from Ms. Lich to Chris Barber, another trucker convoy organizer, which was obtained through a police search of his cell phone, was also read at the hearing.

Awesome. Command center just called. Can you come with me soon? reads the message sent on January 30. They have a strategy to blockade the city. I don't want to make these decisions myself.

Mr Greenspon argued that it is unclear who they are referring to in this post, adding that he did not say that was Ms. Lich's strategy. a decision-maker in the command center.

With information from Dan Taekema of CBC News


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