Tanguay acknowledges that “the fall has been difficult” for the Liberal Party of Quebec

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Tanguay acknowledges that “the fall has been difficult” for the Quebec Liberal Party

Official Opposition Leader Marc Tanguay was the first to report on Friday's session .

The results obtained by the Liberals in the last elections, the departure of MP Marie-Claude Nichols and the resignation of Dominique Anglade did not make it easy for the official opposition this fall, admits its leader, Marc Tanguay.

The fall has been difficult for the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), he admitted Friday morning, on the last day of the short parliamentary session which followed the October 3 ballot.

That said, the Liberal team, which has 19 elected members of the National Assembly, has done its job over the past two weeks, argued the MP for LaFontaine, who acceded to the post of interim leader of the PLQ after the resignation of Ms. Anglade.

The party has tabled three bills since the resumption of parliamentary work on November 29, on the subject patient-to-nurse ratios, air quality in schools, and fights in underage sports.

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Surrounded by party officers in the foyer of the National Assembly, Mr. Tanguay also promised to get back in shape in 2023.

In the meantime, the door remains open and the hand is always extended to Marie-Claude Nichols, said the interim leader of the PLQ. We hope for a return, he said of the MP for Vaudreuil.

Mr. Tanguay is also continuing his reflection on the succession of Dominique Anglade. He says he is waiting to see the rules that will be set by the party before deciding if he will be a candidate, in which case he should have to leave his position as interim leader of the PLQ.

Speaking in turn, the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire (QS), Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, argued that the hour of accountability [had] come for François Legault.

In power for four years, the Prime Minister can no longer blame the pandemic, the unions or Justin Trudeau for his own failures, he pleaded.

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois has also indicated that he will again be a candidate as male spokesperson for QS at the next party convention, which will take place in November 2023.

Manon Massé, for her part, indicated that she was in reflection, stressing that it was a big decision for the one who is considered the dean of political training. /p>View larger

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois wants to stay co- Québec solidaire spokesperson.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois also confirmed on Friday that QS opposed the appointment of Benoît Dubreuil as French language commissioner, a position created in the wake of the reform of Bill 101. This candidacy has, by the past, expressed positions that do not join us, he explained.

In 2011, Benoît Dubreuil co-wrote the essay The imaginary remedy in which he argues that, contrary to popular belief, raising immigration thresholds is not necessarily a solution to labor shortages.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) would like to appoint him commissioner. To do this, she would have to garner the support of two-thirds (66%) of the deputies of the National Assembly. However, the party of François Legault collected in the last elections 72% of the seats at stake. It would therefore be only a formality.

The Parti Québécois (PQ), which defended the same thesis as Mr. Dubreuil in the last election, supports his appointment. The PLQ, for its part, refused to comment on the subject at a press briefing, limiting itself to saying that Mr. Dubreuil's candidacy would be debated in caucus.

The appointment , scheduled for Friday morning, ultimately did not take place. The announcement may have been scrapped or simply pushed back to 2023. The government gave no explanation.

Finally, PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon – who has still not been able to sit in the National Assembly since his election as leader in October 2020 – announced during his session report that his call to the generosity of the members of the formation had been heard.

Thus, the PQ managed to raise not $120,000, but $150,000 to hire two additional resources, s&# he rejoiced, pointing out that while using parliamentary resources to do party work was prohibited, the reverse was not prohibited.

Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon now hopes to be able to raise $240,000 to be able to pay these two employees for two years, which will help the sovereignist party carry out its work in the opposition.

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The three PQ MPs did not sit in the Blue Room this fall. But they still managed to get people talking.

Having refused to swear allegiance to King Charles III when they were sworn in, the three PQ MPs elected on October 3 did not x27; have not yet been able to enter the Blue Room. The adoption of Bill 4, in the afternoon, will allow them to sit in 2023.

We can't wait to get back, said Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon, Friday. And, when we are in the Blue Room, you will notice it.

Exceptionally, the CAQ has decided this year not to meet the press to report on the session, François Legault merely posting a written statement on social media. This is a first, which is strongly denounced by the Press Gallery of the National Assembly.

Québec solidaire and the Parti Québécois s& #x27;are also formalized on Friday, describing the decision of the CAQ government as deplorable and unacceptable.

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