Taras Topolya released an English version of the track Hello


Taras Topolya released an English version of Hello

In August 2022, the song will be featured in a BBC documentary about the all-out war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian singer Taras Topolya, who has been serving as a paramedic in the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the first days of the war, released an English version of the song Hello and a video for it. The artist published the video on Youtube.

It is noted that this composition will become the soundtrack to a documentary called Frontman – Frontline, which will tell about the Ukrainian band Antitila and how the war in Ukraine changed the lives of musicians. The film will be released on a special iPlayer platform, as well as on the BBC News channel.

During the war, we changed the text right on the front line, where we lived all the emotions of this period. And now the song and the video take on completely different meanings that we want to share with the world,” wrote Taras Topolya.

Previously reported that Taras Topolya spoke about the most terrible situations at the front.


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