Taron Egerton reveals why he turned down two roles at Marvel and Star Wars


After refusing to play Han Solo in the Star Wars spin-off, Taron Egerton has spoken about what made him reject the cult role.

Propelled into the very selective sights of Hollywood following the explosive success of the Kingsman franchise in 2015, the British actor Taron Egerton then forged a nice reputation by brilliantly interpreting the earthy Elton John in the biopic Rocketman. So, of course, he has in the meantime been observed on the bill of two less than brilliant films, namely, Otto Bathurst's Robin Hood, where he awkwardly gives the reply to a Jamie Disembodied Foxx, and Billionaire Boys Club, whose success was largely stymied by Kevin Spacey's various sex scandals.

Today today, the actor denies these two experiences in which he admits having participated rather for the money (Robin des Boiswas very well paid) only out of real artistic conviction, and admits without any shame to having acted against his instincts. A little lesson that he will obviously have learned for the rest of his career, Taron Egerton having subsequently refused two roles within substantial franchises.

If he is today tipped to succeed Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine, the actor was, a few years ago, seen offering the role of another mutant almost equally famous. Taron Egerton was doing thus part of the names mentioned in order to interpret Cyclops in the little misfire X-Men: Apocalypse. An opportunity that the latter finally preferred to thank, clearly reluctant to lend his features to a character whose eyes remained hidden.

In an interview with Sirius MX radio show Sway In The Morning, the actor revealed that he felt “instinctively, and creatively, that the eyes are the windows to the soul” and that in fact, he frankly did not find the prospect of interpreting a character perpetually entrenched behind his protective glasses very “intriguing“.

And given the sympathetic cinematic disaster that was Apocalypse, it seems that Taron Egerton dodged, not a bullet, but the entire tank. A stroke of luck that may have confirmed him in the refusal of another role, yet much more legendary: indeed, the actor was also one of the favorites to lend his features to the emblematic Han Solo in the spin-off Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Currently on a promotional tour for the very good Black Bird series, Taron Egerton thus revealed on the microphone of Josh Horowitz and his podcast Happy Sad Confused the reasons which motivated him to reject the role of all fantasies:

“I'll be honest: I was sitting in the Millennium Falcon with Chewie, I was in full costume, and I was like, 'This is it, I'm here, I've done it, I've done it. have lived”. There was a second round of auditions, but I decided not to go. […] I did not feel the role. […] When I read the scenario of Kingsman for the first time, I had said to myself: “I absolutely have to do that, this role is made for me”.

But there [for Han Solo, editor's note], I didn't feel it. Not to mention that it involved treading on Harrison Ford's toes, and… no one wants to do that to themselves. So, that didn't happen. »

And then again, given the critical feedback of the footage, it would seem that Egerton did well to trust his instincts and focus on other projects. Recently, the actor therefore had the leisure to hold the main role of the detective series Black Bird, developed by the author Dennis Lehane (Shutter Island), and currently currently being broadcast on the Apple TV+ platform.


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