Tatyana Lazareva* forbade children to return to Russia: “Pity the mother”


    Tatjana Lazareva * forbade children to return to Russia:

    Tatyana Lazareva

    Actress Tatyana Lazareva*, who is now in Spain and openly opposes the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, became the heroine of the new issue of the YouTube show “Dithyramb”. In an interview, the star told host Ksenia Larina why she banned children from returning to Russia.

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    The day before I was declared a foreign agent, I celebrated my birthday. My children and I flew to Portugal. My children asked what this status threatens. What will happen to them, they did not ask. Because they realized that I — it's me, they — they are different fates. They are no longer in Russia. As Akunin once said: “We don't need hostages in Russia.” They would like to stay, but I told them: “Guys, please have pity on your mother.” I don’t want to be here at all, not to be able to come if something happened to your child there. The children calmed down, they saw that all adults reacted normally. In that sense, they trust me,

    — said the TV presenter.

    Tatyana Lazareva* forbade children to return to Russia: "Have pity on the mother"

    Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats with children

    Tatiana Lazareva left Kyiv for Spain after the start of the special operation. At the same time, she admitted that she was not going to sell an apartment in Moscow yet. The actress said that she earns 2 — 3 thousand euros a month at events and lives comfortably on this money. The children of Lazareva and Mikhail Shatz (Sofia, Stepan and Antonina) are studying abroad. Mikhail Schatz himself (the couple is officially married, but each lives his own life) also condemns the actions of the Russian authorities in Ukraine and now lives in Israel.

    *Tatiana Lazareva was recognized as a foreign agent by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation


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