Tatyana Lazareva in the Russian Federation was declared a foreign agent: “I became part of decent people”


    Tatyana Lazareva was declared a foreign agent in Russia: "Became part of decent people"

    The well-known Russian actress and humorist Tatyana Lazareva became a foreign agent in Russia for criticizing the Russian government and supporting the Ukrainian people.

    So, Tatyana Lazareva, who the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, she supported the Ukrainians and openly opposed Russian aggression, she was called a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

    The artist did not keep waiting long for her reaction. On Instagram, Lazareva, who is in Europe, posted a video in which she sincerely smiles. The actress noted that she used to be friends with adequate and decent people, but now she has also become a part of them:

    “Today the Russian state made me a second holiday. Now everyone congratulates me on being a foreign agent. I don't know if something inside me has changed – no. But now, of course, I think that … I used to be friends with decent people, and now I have become part of them. Hello, hello &mdash ; I am your foreign agent”, — says Lazareva.

    In addition, she noted that she still considers those who are in power in Russia “agents of hell, aggressors and fascists”:

    “To those who think that people can be stigmatized like cattle. It won't work, gentlemen are not good! You can call me whatever you want, it's your right. But my right is to call those who are now in power in Russia – agents of hell, aggressors and fascists.
    My truth is always with me and it will win”, — emphasized Lazareva.


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