Taxes and telework: what you need to know


Imp&ocirc ;ts and telework: what you need to know

It is possible to request a deduction for expenses related to telework at the time of the tax return.

Once again in 2021, telework has been part of the daily lives of many. The Government of Quebec has therefore extended the use of the simplified procedure, which allows you to claim a deduction for expenses related to teleworking when filing your tax return.

Deductions may therefore be eligible for the 2021 and 2022 taxation years. The maximum amount that can be claimed, which was $400 for the year 2020, is increased to $500 per year.

The simplified process allows you to claim in your tax returns a deduction of $2 for each day worked from home during the year. The number of eligible days is thus 250 days per year.

This calculation method is only for those who have worked more than 50% of their working hours from home for a period of at least four consecutive weeks. Please note that vacation and sick days, public holidays and other days of absence cannot be counted.

It is also possible to use a detailed method based on actual expenses, which allows a reasonable proportion of the expenses paid for the use of a home office space to be claimed. This method is valid for all those who have carried out telework giving rise to expenses related to the workspace.

The expenses relating to telework which can be considered are, for example, office supplies, a portion of Internet or cellular costs, heating and electricity costs, and a reasonable portion of rent for workspace.

However, electronic office furniture and equipment cannot be considered.

This detailed method requires an additional form from the employer. The Government of Quebec also offers an online tool to determine the most advantageous method for each situation.


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