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In a few weeks, the amount of taxes could increase for some French people.

Most French people say they pay too much, others would like them to pay even more…hellip; Taxes are a thorny subject in France. However, they are essential since it is this collection that allows money to enter the state coffers and support the many daily public services (school , hospital, social security…). Although taxes take various forms, the best known remains that of income tax.

After various reforms in recent years, new changes could take place very soon. And that could be bad news for around three million French people. While the campaign for the legislative elections is in full swing, the New Popular Front is proposing a new method of calculating income tax. The objective is to make it “more progressive”. Understand that many French people will pay less than today and others will pay more, according to the promise made by the union of the left. But concretely, who would be concerned?

At this stage, the NFP leaders have not detailed their plans. precisely the new tax brackets they wish to put in place. But the proposal is not new and it is already in place. possible to determine the segment of the population which would be affected by an increase in income tax if the left comes to power. Indeed, she already had submitted the idea in 2021 (details here). At the time, she proposed to new 14 tranches (compared to 5 today), ranging from 1% to 90% tax.

Taxes risk increasing for everyone who earns more than this salary

An unofficial simulator, taking into account the scale submitted in 2021 and the CSG scale in force in 2022, allows us to see that it would be the people earning, each month, 3555%. nbsp;net euros before taxes who should pay more income tax. If Eric Coquerel, the NFP's Mr. Finance, indicated; à Libération that it was only a simulator set up by "activists& ;quot;, this is similar to the words of Mathilde Panot, another figure of the union of the left, who indicated on BFM TV that this would concern people who receive a salary of 4000 euros and more.

According to INSEE studies on the level of remuneration of the French, around three million people should therefore pay more income tax if the left managed to achieve this. pass its law. Data from the statistics institute shows 1.9 million people in the private sector. with this level of income and around 1 million people in the public. The first impacts of this reform would be the MPs themselves since they receive 5,953.34 ;nbsp;euros of compensation every month.

Below these remuneration levels, the New Popular Front promises that the amount of income tax would decrease. 20 million people could therefore benefit from the reform desired by the left.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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