TAYANNA and Vera Brezhneva sang a duet in Ukrainian

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TAYANNA and Vera Brezhneva sang a duet in Ukrainian

From the beginning full-scale war, Brezhnev left the Russian Federation and took up volunteer work in Italy.

Ukrainian singer TAYANNA in a duet with Vera Brezhneva in a modern arrangement presented the famous song Vishivanka. The composition is presented on Youtube.

It is noted that the song, which is considered folk, actually belongs to the poet Nikolai Som and composer Oscar Sandler.

The song was recorded at a recording studio, where the performers met for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion.

“The song is symbolic about black and red threads, separation and love, about anxiety and guardianship from evil. About how Ukrainian women, stitch by stitch on the canvas, conveyed their support to their loved ones and warmth of the soul,” Vera Brezhneva commented on the premiere.

Earlier it was reported that Tayanna presented a video for a new lyrical composition, which tells about love for Ukraine.

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