Taylor Swift's Tenth Album Causes Spotify Outages

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Taylor Swift's 10th album causes Spotify outages

Taylor Swift has released “Midnights”, an album inspired by her sleepless nights.

Taylor Swift's tenth album, Midnights, which marks a gradual return by the American singer to her pop leanings, caused blackouts in several countries on Spotify when it was released at midnight Thursday night to Friday.

In the United States, France and the United Kingdom, for example, fans of the star had to be patient to discover this new opus on the distribution platform.

Many Swifties have posted screenshots displaying the error message: Something is wrong. Try again. This technical issue was often resolved within an hour.

Highly anticipated, the album was then a dazzling success on the platform. Taylor Swift broke the record for most-streamed album in a single day, Spotify announced Friday afternoon on Twitter.

People discovered all 13 songs fully centered on the fateful hour when the clock strikes 12. Midnights is the story of 13 sleepless nights scattered over my life, Taylor Swift explained on Twitter, and all the titles form a complete picture of the x27; intensity of this crazy and mystical hour.

Taylor Switch fans experienced the inconvenience of outages wanting to listen to the album on Spotify.

With this new album, the 32-year-old singer-songwriter abandons the indie folk vein of her two previous albums written during the pandemic, evermoreand folklore – 2021 Grammy winner Album of the Year.

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Far from the acoustic charm of these confinement works, the melodies of Midnightspour more into electro-pop, with the use of synths, rhythms inspired by dubstep and effects capable of giving an androgynous side to the voice of the singer, who after having started in the country has become a major pop star.

The tone of the album, on which pop diva Lana Del Rey collaborates in her suave voice in a duet (Snow on the Beach), remains intentionally stripped. Taylor Swift recounts her late-night ruminations as well as her thoughts on inexorably advancing age and the implications of love, without ever going wild on the 12 strokes of midnight.

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This new opus is on the whole hailed by the Anglo-Saxon press. The British daily The Guardian thus underlines the calm, serene and mature side of a disc filled with fantastic songs.

Critics, however, regret the x27;absence of a flagship and catchy title. It's hard to pinpoint a smash hit on Swift's hushed third album, laments The Independent newspaper.

True to form, Taylor Swift has also reserved some surprises for his fans. Midnights exists online in an expanded version, titled 3 am Edition, with seven additional titles.

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